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  1. where can i buy xtar charger?

  2. Dear Sir,
    I just wanted to thank you for having this website. I purchased a Nitecore P12 flashlight and opened it up today. I installed a brand new charged 18650 Li-ion battery with a “Flat top”. It did not light up after pressing the power button. After reading your article I found out that there are “Button” and “flat” top li-ion batteries. I did not know that, and that not all flashlights work with all li-ion batteries. Too bad, I ordered the batteries and flashlight before I found your website. I was able to order from Longhorn Tactical, that is a great website you recommended. Thanks for all the great information.


    • Thanks for visiting Jeff! Actually, there’s a small plastic ring inside the P12’s bezel which can be removed. The light still works with the ring taken out, AND it will then work with flat-top batteries as well!!

  3. Nice website Ben! The technology on these devices is changing constantly. I like your site! It is very easy to navigate and your information is interesting to read. I’ll check back!! Best wishes!

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