Imalent MS03 High Lumen Flashlight Review

I’ve had a few flashlights from Imalent over the years, and today I’m reviewing one of their latest. This is the Imalent MS03. To date, it’s the brightest, and when comparing size, the smallest I’ve ever seen!

Imalent MS03

Reasonably Small Package

Imalent MS03 package

From the photo, you’ll notice the Imalent box along with the flashlight, a user manual, a USB-C charging cable, a lanyard, several o-rings, and a rechargeable 21700 battery.

Imalent MS03 Specifications

Imalent MS03 - XHP70 LEDs

The XHP70 LEDs

Imalent MS03 tailcap

Identifying tailcap








  • Weight; 6.80 oz
  • Length; 4.4″
  • Head width; 1.5″
  • Beam Distance; 324 meters
  • Impact Resistance; 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof; IPX-8 (underwater to 2 meters)


  • 4 – Cree XHP70 LEDs
  • Maximum output 13,000 lumens
  • Battery; 21700 USB-C rechargeable (included)
  • Mode memory
  • 6 regular lighting modes, plus strobe
  • High efficiency constant-current circuit (regulates output)
  • Instant access to lowest and highest mode
  • Toughened, anti-reflective glass lens
  • Aerospace grade aluminum body w/type III hard anodized coating
  • Tail stand capability

Modes and Runtime

Imalent MS03 and 21700 USB-C battery

The perfect combo

Let’s take a look at the regular lighting modes, of which there are 6.

Low starts everything off at 150 lumens (27 hours), which is not very low…when compared to what “low” usually is on other lights of the same size.

Following that is “middle-low” at 800 lumens (3 hrs 40 min), which is rather a large jump in output.

Next is “middle 1” at 1300 lumens (2 hours). This is only a minor jump in output and is not that noticeable.

Next up is “middle 2” at 3000 lumens (1 hr 15 min).

Now we get to “high” with 8000 lumens (1 minute) followed by an automatic drop to 2000 lumens, which continues for 1 hr, 12 mins.

The last stop is “turbo” which isn’t included in the regular sequence. It’s a MIND-BLOWING 13,000 lumens!!! — which drops automatically to 2000 lumens after about 45 seconds. Supposedly, it remains at 2000 lumens for about 70 mins.

Completely separate from the regular modes, is strobe.

Easy Imalent MS03 One Button Operation

Press the only switch on the light, to turn it on.

With every activation the indicator below the switch will be green… unless the voltage is low (see below).

With a holding press it’ll sequence from lowest to highest (except turbo). As always, stop on the mode you want…then click once to turn it off.

“Low” on Demand

Three (3) successive switch clicks will activate low whenever you want.

“Turbo” on Demand….(with exceptions)

Two (2) successive clicks produce turbo mode… except when the battery voltage is down by half. When this is the case, the indicator will be red, and turbo won’t activate.

“Strobe” on Demand

From turbo, click twice. Single click to turn it off.

Strobe can ONLY be accessed from turbo.

Electronic Lock Out

If you’re worried about the light turning on accidentally, click the switch 4 times while it’s off. Doing that will activate the lock-out function. To return the light to use, click 4 times again.

Battery Charge

The included 21700 battery is USB-C rechargeable.

Remove the battery by unscrewing the tailcap.

Charging it can either be, by placing the battery in an external charger, or by connecting the included cable to the USB port on the battery. Just be aware, the battery is longer than most 21700s and might not fit in your charger of choice.

There’s a lighted indicator on the positive tip of the battery, so when connected, RED indicates charging and GREEN is fully charged.

A Few Amazing Beam Pics!


Imalent MS03 on medium1



Middle low

Imalent MS03 on medium1


Imalent MS03 on turbo


Imalent MS03 on medium1


Imalent MS03 on high



Imalent MS03 on high




Imalent MS03 on turbo


Imalent MS03 on turbo


Imalent MS03 on turbo


























Some Takeaways to Ponder

If I were grading the Imalent MS03 on an elementary scale, I’d award it a B-

Its size and shape is good. The thinner barrel allows for a good firm grip.

The power switch is large, but challenging to locate quickly in pitch darkness.

I like the modes, and spacing is relatively good except for the minimal increase from middle-low to medium 1.

The output of high and turbo is impressive for a small flashlight, and I understand the limitations designers face when packing high lumens into a compact product. Having said that, I still wish it didn’t get SO HOT, SO QUICKLY! The heat generated when on turbo is quite extreme…which is why its runtime (on turbo) is so brief.

Low mode is many times brighter than it is on a lot of lights. If, like me, you’re a fan of “moonlight mode” or often only need a few lumens in times of pitch darkness, you might find the MS03 pretty inconvenient.

Its lack of a pocket clip might be something to some users. BUT, it comes with a belt holster so that more-or-less makes up for it.

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