Sofirn SP32 High Output Flashlight Review

Sofirn is a little company I’m not too familiar with, however, they DO have a website…. and wouldn’t you know, a new flashlight to talk about! Here is the Sofirn SP32, a single-18650 battery light, with enough shining power to cause any living creature you point it at, to run for cover! 

Product Packaging

Sofirn SP32 product package

In the Sofirn box is the SP32 flashlight, a lanyard, two spare o-rings, a user manual, a USB charging cable, a small 18650 USB battery charger AND a Sofirn 2800mAh 18650 battery. A pocket clip is already attached  😀 

Sofirn SP32 Stats 

smooth reflector on Sofirn SP32

Smooth reflector

Cree XP-L2 V6 LED

  • Length; 4.8″
  • Width; 0.9″
  • Weight; 3.97 oz (112.6 g) — battery included
  • LED; Cree XP-L2 V6
  • Battery; 1x 18650 (included) or 2x CR123, 2x 16340, or 2x 18350
  • Beam Distance; 200 meters
  • Impact Resistant to; 1 meter
  • Waterproof to; 2 metes (IPX-8)
  • Maximum Working Voltage; 8.4

Modes and Output

  • Lower-Low; 3 lumens
  • Low; 15 lumens
  • Medium; 119 lumens
  • High; 392* lumens
  • Turbo; 956* lumens
  • Strobe; 956 lumens

*Due to expected heat build up, turbo lowers to high (automatically) after 3 minutes. Similarly, high mode lowers to medium if the light is left on for 30 minutes of continuous use. 

SP32 Features 

Spring in the head

Spring in the tail

  • Mode memory
  • Machined w/aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy
  • Premium type III hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish
  • Toughened, AR coated glass lens
  • Low battery warning signal
  • Low Voltage Protection

Flipping the Switch

Insert the battery plus-side forward and apply a HOLDING press to the side-switch. Once on, a single press advances the modes. A HOLDING press is required to turn it off. Mode memory will turn it back on in the same position it was turned off in. It even remembers the last mode used, after a battery charge (or switch)! 

For strobe… anytime… DOUBLE-click the switch, either while OFF, or ON in any mode. A single press during strobe turns it off (if it was activated from OFF) or returns to the previous mode, if activated while ON. Easy-peasy huh!? 

Lower-low mode



Sofirn SP32 on high

On high

Sofirn SP32 on turbo

On turbo


Sofirn SP32 on turbo


Medium again

Sofirn SP32 on turbo

Turbo again


Turbo again

















Low Voltage Signal

As battery voltage reaches 3.0 the light will flash a few times, then return to the mode it was in. If you don’t charge, or swap out the battery, it won’t alert you again until the voltage drops to 2.8. At that time it’ll flash continuously for about a minute… then shut off completely. 

Battery and Charger

Charging battery

Charging complete







The Sofirn SP32 comes with a complimentary 18650 battery and USB charger.  

To use the charger, plug the accompanying cable to the unit, and the other end to a USB power source. As soon as a connection is made, a small LED on the unit will light up in green. As charging begins it’ll change to red. It’ll turn back to green when finished. Charging current on the unit is pretty good at around 600mA. 

The battery is of good quality. It has an added protection circuit, and is very close to the capacity stated on the label. 

General Observations

In my opinion the Sofirn SP32 is a lot of flashlight for the money! It’s a little cheaper than most of the other major brands, and its lower price is reflected by omitting a “bell & whistle” here and there, which ARE usually present on the bigger brands. 

The compromise for a feature or two, is that it comes with its own quality 18650 battery, and a half decent little USB charger. I can’t emphasize enough how much BETTER this flashlight is, considering cost, performance and accessories, than some of these other “package” deals that litter the Internet! 

The side switch is responsive and easy to use. Unlike more expensive lights, it doesn’t illuminate as a locator or a warning signal, but as described above, at least they found other methods of incorporating such things. 

I like the tint of the LED as well. It falls somewhere between cool white and neutral white. 


There’s really nothing to dislike about this little flashlight, and I think if you try it out, you’ll agree. 

To consider the Sofirn SP32, please click this link where you’ll come face to face with its Amazon product page!


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  1. After reading this review I bought this flashlight on amazon for approx $25, supposedly on sale from a little over $50. I like it a lot. As you said the tint is good, the modes are simple to access and it is a nice package deal, though I don’t think I would have paid $50 for it. My one gripe is that I have a hard time finding the on button in the dark because it is very smooth and not tactile enough for me. I have tried to help this by pointing the end of the clip in line with it. Well and the wrist strap is way too big for me, but no prob, I will change it out with an adjustable Wii remote strap. 🙂 Thanks for the review.

    • You’re welcome! And I really appreciate your comment.

      Yes, it’s a nice flashlight, but I too don’t think it’s worth $50. Understandably the button is a bit tough to locate in the dark. While side switches have become popular, not ALL lights make it easy to find them when you need them! Lining up the clip is a good suggestion though. And, unlike a lot of lights, the lanyard is not adjustable. I think it was just another way for them to cut a corner, so to speak, in order to keep the price reasonable. At least it has the clip!!

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