Wuben X3 Wireless Charging LED Flashlight Review

This is different! The Wuben X3 “Owl” is a dual-LED flashlight that features wireless charging as part of the advanced package.

Keep reading to find out how Wuben has made this particular light uniquely different.

Wuben X3

Two Versions

Your Wuben X3 comes in 2 different versions.

The basic is where you receive the flashlight, and a proprietary USB charging base.

With the advanced version, you get a little “charging box” (which can perform like a power bank) to insert the light in to. There’s a USB port, along with a charging indicator, on the box. Before you ask “what’s the point of that”? let me explain the advantage in the “charging” section of this review. So read on!

Oh…and there are also different color variations available as well. Blue box, white box, or black box.

The Package

Deluxe version

What you receive in the X3 package depends on which version you’ve bought.

The basic will have the X3, a charging base, and a lanyard featuring an android/apple charging cable combo!

With the advanced version, the light is accompanied with a wireless charging box, plus the lanyard/charging cables I previously mentioned.

Pocket clip is factory attached.


  • Dual LEDs; Samsung LH351D (white); Luminus SST10 (red)
  • Flashlight height; 2.6″ / Charging Box; 3.4″
  • Flashlight width; 1.3″ / Charging Box; 1.8″
  • Flashlight weight; 2.34 oz / Charging Box; 4.44 oz
  • Internal 1000mAh rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof; IP65
  • Beam distance; 102 meters
  • Impact resistant; 1 meter

Wuben X3 Features

Magnetic base







  • Dual LEDs
  • 4 lighting modes, plus strobe & SOS — white LED
  • 2 lighting modes — red LED
  • Internal running light (blue)
  • Electronic lock-out mode
  • Magnetic base
  • Mode Memory
  • Digital (OLED) display
  • 180° pivoting head –
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • USB-C charging

Output and Runtime

White LED

  • Low; 1 lumen (50 hrs)
  • Medium; 50 lumens (6 hrs)
  • High; 150 lumens (2 hrs)
  • Turbo; 700 lumens~200 lumens (20 sec~1.5 hrs)
  • Strobe; 700 lumens
  • SOS; 150 lumens


The RED LED in action!








  • Low; 1 lumen (30 hrs)
  • High; 80 lumens (2 hrs)

Note: The 700 lumen output on Turbo can be deceiving. YES, you get a BIRST of brightness upon activation, but it automatically lowers within 30 seconds…even though the display continues to show “700” unless you turn it off or change the mode. 

Everything at a Digital Glance

The pocket clip

Wuben X3 digital display

Great display!











One of the cool things about the X3, is its digital display which is a constant reminder of what the light is doing.

Anytime the light is on, the display shows the operating level, the number of lumens, and the battery status. It works the same regardless of which LED is selected.

Look Ma, it Pivots!

The pivoting head; shown here at the “halfway” mark










The SECOND (or maybe the first) coolest feature of the X3 is the pivoting head!

In most of the literature you’ll see about the X3, the LEDs are facing forward, and the appearance of the light almost looks like an owl! However, you can pivot the head so the LEDs are on top, which of course when tail-standing will project the beam upward.

What’s really strange is that the manual doesn’t even MENTION the pivoting! So, it took me a bit to figure out how to do it. Basically with the LEDs facing forward, push upward at the lower left corner below the white LED.

To move the head back, grasp it on both sides and pull down on the left side.

Easy Wuben X3 Operation

The little round button to the right of the display is your best friend.

One click, you have light! Another click, and you don’t. Super simple right?

A holding click cycles through the modes, low>medium>high, and with each advance you’ll see the display correspond.

Mode memory will always return it to the last mode used.


Double click either when it’s off or already on.


Triple click. Once strobe is activated, click 3 times again for SOS.


To activate the red LED, do a holding press from OFF. To toggle between the modes, press & hold.

Lock Out

Engaging the lock out mode is as easy as clicking the button 4 times while it’s off. Repeat the procedure to un-lock.

Look Now Ma, It’s Blue!

Whenever the light is on, the interior is blue…more so on either side. The second you turn it off, it goes out with the LED. It’s not particularly obtrusive, but if you don’t like it, you can disable it completely. To do so, click the button 5 times while off. Reverse the action by repeating the clicks.


charging in the charge box

Being used for diffused lighting












The Wuben X3 has the unique ability to internally charge itself in a couple of ways…that is, provided you’ve bought the “deluxe” version.

Charging can either be accomplished by placing the light into the charging box, or via a wireless charging pad/stand.

The charging box appears to contain its own battery. You can connect a USB-C cable to the box, and a little indicator will appear in RED. Once it turns BLUE, the “box” is ready to charge the light WIRELESSLY! BUT, you can also charge the light IN THE BOX and connect the cable in the same way.

Charging status can be monitored in the visual display.

Wuben X3 Beam Gallery


Wuben X3 on high


Wuben X3 on Turbo



Wuben X3 on Turbo



Wuben X3 on medium


Wuben X3 on high


Red on High


Wuben X3 on turbo
























At the End of the Day

The Wuben X3 is a great EDC flashlight!

I love its features; the display, the textured button, the pivoting head, the magnetic base, and the charging box.

The clip is also designed intelligently, meaning the light will stay attached to wherever you put it.

Wuben claims the X3 is compatible with wireless charging…like a cell phone would be, except I haven’t been able to verify that. My car has a charging pad…but I couldn’t get the X3 to charge when placed on it.

If I could make changes to the X3, the only thing I’d add is having “low” on demand. Unfortunately there’s no short cut to that mode.

Some potential users might have an issue with the internal battery being proprietary and non-removable. The X3 comes with a 1 year warranty, but should it break, later down the line…there’s a chance it might not be repairable.

Please make sure you understand that this version of the X3 is the one that costs more, and includes the wireless charging box. The basic version includes a WIRED charging BASE. 

Get it Sooner Than Later!

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