WUBEN G2 Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight

WUBEN’S flashlight footprint is getting bigger! And now they’re finding their way on to keychains too! Without delay, let me show you the new WUBEN G2 Keychain light.

Wuben G2

In a little plastic box, is the mighty G2. It’s accompanied by a USB-C charging cable, a removable belt clip, user manual, and a removable keychain clip, which you can see attached in the photo above and below.

Compact Packaging

Wuben G2 Package


  • Height (Length); 2.3″
  • Width; 1.06″
  • Depth; 0.36″
  • Weight; 0.99 oz (internal battery)
  • LED; Osram P9
  • Beam Distance; 46 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 1.5 meters

WUBEN G2 Features

The Osram P9 LED

  • Max Output; 500 lumens
  • USB rechargeable
  • Internal Lithium Battery (280 mAh)
  • Battery Indicator
  • Mode Memory
  • Magnetic Base
  • Removable Pocket Clip
  • Removable Keychain Clip

Modes and Output

The G2 has 4 regular lighting modes, plus Turbo. There are no emergency modes.

    • Moonlight; 1 lumen – 70 hours
    • Low; 15 lumens – 6 hours
    • Medium; 65 lumens – 1.5 hours
    • High; 200 lumens – 35 mins
    • Turbo; 500 ~ 200 lumens – 5 mins ~ 30 min

Operating Your WUBEN G2 Is Very Simple!

USB port & power switch

With the pocket clip








The power/mode switch is on top, right next to the USB port.

From each activation, the tiny battery indicator will come on for a few seconds to indicate battery power. If it’s solid BLUE, the charge is at or above 90%. If it FLASHES blue, it’s below 90%. If it comes on in RED, it’s at 40% or under. It’ll need charging if it FLASHES in RED.

Even when changing modes you’ll see the battery status.

Press and HOLD the switch to turn it on. If the activation mode is sufficient, just use as is, and press power again to turn it off. To change the mode, press and HOLD again. Modes will continue to advance from MOONLIGHT to HIGH as long as you continue a holding press.

Turbo is hidden, and can only be activated by a DOUBLE CLICK of the switch. You can do that from OFF, or from any mode.

A single click from any mode will turn it off. A HOLDING click from Turbo, will return it to MOONLIGHT.

The Keychain Attachment

charging Wuben G2


charge complete

By default, the chain clip is attached. It sits on the magnetized base.

To remove it, you TWIST the attachment and pull it off. This reveals the magnet and allows it to be attached to a metallic surface. Reattaching it, is the same action in reverse.

Charging Your WUBEN G2

Ahhh, so simple!

Connect the “C” cable and the indicator should light up in RED. It charges pretty quick and will turn BLUE when finished.

Beam Pics



Low mode


Wuben G2 on high

High mode

On low


Wuben G2 on high


Wuben G2 on medium


Wuben G2 on turbo


Wuben G2 on turbo


















How Convenient is the WUBEN G2?


With the pocket clip, of course it’ll attach almost anywhere. The big (floody) LED beam will act almost as a headlight in that scenario. Clipped to the breast pocket of a t-shirt would be ideal. This is far more accessible (and hands-free) lighting than your cell phone could EVER provide!!

When dangling from your keychain, you’ll get quick, instant light when you need it.

Magnetic base

Sticks to any magnetic surface








G2 Pros

      • General operation of the WUBEN G2 is great. The little switch button is very responsive and easy to find in the dark
      • Mode memory
      • The magnetic base offers hands-free lighting for places like under the hood of your car!
      • Strong LED beam
      • USB charging is fairly quick and can also be used WHILE it’s charging
      • Battery indicator gives a quick glimpse of power
      • Instant access to Turbo
      • Tail-stand capability

G2 Cons

      • No instant access to Moonlight
      • Users with extremely large hands (and fingers) might have difficulty with the tiny switch


The “coolness” of the WUBEN G2 extends to its appearance.

It’s available in 3 different colors. I reviewed black, but you also get green and blue 😀


If  the WUBEN G2 is the RIGHT LIGHT FOR YOU — then FOLLOW THIS LINK to Wubenlight.com!


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