Nitecore TIKI LE Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight Review

I’m not sure where Nitecore was going when they decided on “TIKI” as an appropriate flashlight name. If TIKI translates to “TINY” somewhere…then it’s quite appropriate. So today, the Nitecore TIKI LE is in the spotlight! This is one of the smallest keychain lights I’ve seen in a while…and coincidentally one of the brightest in its class.

Nitecore TIKI LE

Nitecore TIKI LENitecore TIKI LE

The Perfect Package for a Peg





























A tiny light deserves a tiny package, and that’s what the TIKI delivers. As you can see, it came sealed in a cardboard peg-pack, along with a separate USB cable, from Amazon Prime.


Nitecore TIKI LED

Reflector and OSRAM LED

  • Length; 2.1″
  • Weight; .37 oz / 10.5 grams
  • Maximum Output; 300 lumens
  • Beam Distance; 71 meters (max)
  • Impact Resistant to 1 meter
  • Waterproof to IP66 standards
  • Body; Aircraft grade aluminum alloy

Features of the TIKI

  • USB rechargeable/built-in Li-ion battery
  • One primary LED (white) and TWO auxiliary LED’s (red & blue)
  • Single side-switch control of all main and auxiliary LED functions
  • Instant access to highest mode

Modes, Output, and Runtime

The auxiliary LED’s

Size comparison

There are four main outputs, and TWO auxiliary outputs.

Ultra-low, low, medium, & high, are through the main LED. The other LED’s are contained within the body of the light, and in THIS version of the TIKI, consist of a RED output, and a BLUE output.

  • Ultra-low; 1 lumen – 40 hours
  • Low; 15 lumens – 4 hours
  • Medium; 60 lumens – 1 hour
  • High; 300 lumens – 30 minutes
  • RED; 3 lumens – 1 hour
  • BLUE; 0.8 lumens – 45 minutes

Operating the Nitecore TIKI LE

To ensure the TIKI never gets activated by accident, the interface is designed so in order to turn it on, you must do a double-click of the side switch. This action gets you “ultra-low” (whether you want it or not). It’s from here that a single click, moves through the other modes. A holding press is needed to turn it off. There’s no mode memory, so ultra-low is the default.

“High” output is part of the standard sequencing. You can also get it “on demand” (tactical style) by holding the button (while off).

To access the colored LED’s, triple-click the button. You’ll get RED first. A second click activates BLUE. A third click turns it into a Police Light, with red and blue alternating. If you keep clicking, it’ll continue the sequence. Press and hold to turn it off.

TIKI Beam Pics!




Nitecore TIKI on high


Nitecore TIKI on high

On high

Ultra-low mode

Seeing RED!

Bluer than blue!












Charge the Battery

Pretty simple stuff. When the output seems low, or the light is unresponsive, connect a (the) USB charging cable to the port on the back. Once connected, the switch area will light up in blue to show it’s charging. You’ll know it’s complete when the blue light shuts off. From a low battery (and depending on the charging source) charging time is usually just over an hour.

Final Thoughts

The Nitecore TIKI LE is a very cool little keychain companion. But before I continue my thoughts, let me make clear that it comes in TWO versions.

The other version is simply the TIKI, which isn’t black, but is stainless steel. It’s identical, except for the auxiliary LED’s, which are a “high white” CRI, and a “UV” light. Outputs are the same. Amazon Prime will have either version in your mailbox within a few days.

So, as far as keychain lights go, this certainly isn’t the brightest. If bright is what you want, then I suggest the Nitecore TIP2. BUT, if having something reasonably bright, that’s also extra small, is important, then the TIKI fits the bill!


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