Nitecore TIP2 Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight Review

The Nitecore TUP, revolutionized the keychain light. Now, comes the Nitecore TIP2, which is a updated version of the original “TIP“.

Nitecore TIP2Nitecore TIP2

Compact Package

Nitecore TIP2 package

So here’s where along with the TIP2, is a pre-attached pocket clip and keyring, an information card and a user manual.


The XP-G3 S3 LED’s

  • Length; 2.0″
  • Width; 1.1″
  • Depth; 0.7″ 〈w/clip〉
  • Weight; 〈with clip〉 1.30 oz
  • Beam distance; 93 meters
  • Impact resistant to 1 meter
  • Water resistance; IP67 rated

TIP2 Features

  • Uses 2 CREE XP-G3 S3 LED’s
  • Internal (non-removable) USB rechargeable battery
  • Concealed micro USB charging port
  • Advanced power cut-off for low parasitic drain
  • Battery power indicator
  • Constant current circuit provides a stable output
  • Features two separate user modes
  • Dual side-mounted switches for flexibility
  • Mode memory
  • Instant access to Turbo mode
  • HA-III hard-anodized finish
  • Magnetic tail-base

Lighting Modes

The clip

USB and 2 magnets

The Nitecore TIP2 features two separate operating modes (DEMO & DAILY) and four output modes, which are as follows;

  • Low; 1 lumen — 55 hours
  • Medium; 30 lumens — 8 hours
  • High; 200 lumens — 75 mins
  • Turbo; 720 lumens — 15 mins

Demo Mode

On Demo mode, the TIP2 works for 30 seconds at a time, unless interrupted, and shuts off automatically. Useful? That depends on how you use the light. If short bursts are your thing, then it’s a handy feature.

Daily Mode

Daily mode is where the light stays on until switched off. The factory sets it to “demo” so when you first switch it on, you might want to change the setting… if you want it to stay on longer than 30 seconds that is.

Basic Operation of Nitecore TIP2

Nitecore TIP2 power & mode switch

Mode -top- Power -bottom-

Charging indicators

On the side of the light are the two operating buttons; ‘power’ and ‘mode’. To turn ON, press and hold ‘power’. To turn OFF, press ‘power’ again. Once ON, press the ‘mode’ button to advance the brightness.

Turbo Operation

There’s only one way that ‘turbo’ can be accessed. This is described in the manual as “direct access” to turbo. Press and HOLD ‘mode’ whether the TIP2 is on or off. This will activate turbo for as long as you’re pressing the button. Release, and it returns to the previous mode it was on.

Toggling the Operating Modes

With the light turned OFF, press and hold BOTH switches at the same time. A single flash indicates the light has entered ‘Demo’. A double flash indicates ‘Daily’.

Power Indicator

You can check the estimated power of the battery any time the light is off. Just press ‘mode’. The three tiny blue indicators located between the buttons will flash. If power is above 50%, they’ll be three flashes. If below 50, two, and if under 10%, just one.

When battery power reaches a critically low stage, the indicators will flash every three seconds.

The Beamshots

Nitecore TIP2 on medium

On medium

Nitecore TIP2 on high

On high










Nitecore TIP2 on high


Nitecore TIP2 on high

On high

Nitecore TIP2 on turbo

On turbo














USB Charging/Magnetic Base

The tail cap is held on by two magnets. Removing the cap reveals the USB port, and a magnet on either side. Connecting the USB charging cable will cause the indicators to flash. Flashing means that charging is in progress. When finished, the three indicators will be solid.

Summarizing the TIP2

I have no serious complaints about the Nirecore TIP2. As a pocket light, it’s very good. And as a keychain light, it’s also very good.

In case you missed it, the TIP2 can operate with or without the tailcap. Depending on whether you don’t mind removing the cap while charging, may determine the way in which you want to use the light. If you imagine using the magnetic base a fair amount, then I would ditch the key-ringed cap, and rely on the pocket clip. The clip is all plastic, and snaps onto the lights’ body. It’s not quite as strong 〈or tight〉 as a metal clip    The magnet is strong, and removing the cap calls for a hard tug. Pulling on the keyring can be tough on your finger, so I found it’s easier to insert an long object into the ring, then I have something stronger to pull with. Ideal? Perhaps not, but it is what it is.

The little switches work well, but they can be difficult to locate in the dark. There are no textural differences between them, so once you find them, you need to remember which one is which. At least if you keep the clip attached, it’s easier to find the switches in the dark, since knowing which way you’re holding it is half the battle.

Bottom line, the TIP2 is a very bright, easy to use mini flashlight that works great either in your pocket, or on your keyring.


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