Best Sofirn SP10A EDC Flashlight Review

In a previous Sofirn review, I spoke well of the SP32, an easy to operate 18650 flashlight. This time, I’m looking at the much smaller Sofirn SP10A… a definitive EDC flashlight defining the term without hesitation.

Nondescript Packaging

Sofirn SP10A package

So in a very unassuming presentation, the SP10A comes in a small box with “LED Flashlight” written across the front. The light comes with a pocket clip attached and a small packet containing a lanyard and a key chain clasp. 

Of Featured Interest 

Cree XP-G2 S4

Tail cap removed

  • Length; 3.4″
  • Width; 0.8″
  • Weight; (w/battery) 2 oz/57 g
  • LED; XP-G2 S4 (NW – neutral-white)
  • Beam Distance; 80 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 1 meter
  • Water Resistant; IP68m (okay to use in the rain)
  • Made from T6061 Aluminum-alloy
  • TypeIII Hard-anodized, anti-scratch body
  • Toughened scratch-resistant glass lens
  • Mode memory to recall last mode used

Battery, Modes and Output

Just one battery; either standard AA alkaline, rechargeable NiMH, or 14500 rechargeable lithium-ion. 

Three simple modes, Low – Medium – High, plus Strobe. The differences in output between using a standard battery and a lithium cell are described below. 

When using an alkaline (or NiMH) battery; 

With a 14500 battery

  • Low – 5 lumens
  • Medium – 50 lumens
  • High – 270 lumens
  • Strobe – 270 lumens

When Using a 14500 battery;

  • Low – 10 lumens
  • Medium – 89 lumens
  • High – 500 lumens
  • Strobe – 500 lumens

Low Battery Indicator

As voltage tumbles below 2.8 the output of the light will blink to indicate a charge is necessary.

Operating Your Sofirn SP10A

For those with any sort of experience with LED lights, the SP10A is a piece of cake! 

From OFF, a holding press turns it on, and a quick press changes modes. Low, medium, high is the obvious sequence. For ‘strobe’ you need to double click, either while OFF or in another mode. A single click switches it off.

Beams Away!


Sofirn SP10A on medium


High – NiMH battery

Sofirn SP10A on high

High-14500 lithium

Low mode

On low

Sofirn SP10A on high



Sofirn SP10A on high mode

High mode

Medium mode

Sofirn SP10A on high


High – NiMH cell

















The Sofirn SP10A is a simple, and very inexpensive pocket flashlight. Because it’s a basic light, it offers none of the “extras” that a higher-priced light does. Mode memory is its most advanced feature. But, for someone who only needs basic lighting, and which can operate on a AA battery… it’s almost perfect! 

Output is pretty decent for a light of its size. In my comparison beamshot photos, you can see where I’ve placed  two pics side by side, each on high mode, depicting an NiMH battery versus a lithium-ion. Unless you look REALLY carefully, the differences aren’t that noticeable, and would be the same with an alkaline battery too. But of course if the light is going to be used a lot, it pays to power it with the rechargeable type. 

Here’s Your Chance

If the Sofirn SP10A looks like YOUR kind of flashlight, then be sure to visit their Amazon product page, where ownership is just a click away! 


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  1. Hi,I am an absolute beginner when it comes to flashlights.It’s a good thing that I found a quality site such informative as yours.Keep up the good work educating wannabe flashaholics the intricate basics of flashlights,batteries etc.Bookmarked it instantly.Thanks.
    I also have a question for you.How is the Sofirn SF10 model compared to SP10A?Got it on aliexpress for approx. 7 bucks.I just wanted a cheap flashlight to start my collection.

  2. Hello, and thanks for the comment!

    I remember when I checked out both these lights, prior to getting the SP10A, I saw that there was very little difference between them. I preferred the switch on the side, which is the main reason I chose it. The outputs are similar as are the dimensions of both flashlights. Since I don’t own the SF10, I can’t comment on how it works COMPARED to the SP10, all I can say is I believe they’re quite similar. And I certainly think that $7 is a price you couldn’t beat!!

    Congratulations on wanting to start a collection, and starting out slow is probably a good idea. If you need any guidance, I’ll be glad to help…if I can.

    I hope I answered the question to your satisfaction! Many thanks on your compliments 🙂

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