Alternative Methods of Camping

Camping can mean different things to many different people. The basic idea of camping out is to leave the comforts of home, and set up ‘camp’ somewhere else. How this is perceived by some is as varied as your imagination might be. This brings us to a few alternative methods of camping for which to ponder, whether your plan is to pack up the whole family, or just escape with the barest of essentials.

Trailer Camping

Trailer Camping

How stately or primitive you plan your campsite to be depends on a few things. Your mode of travel to your destination is one of high importance. Students traveling through Europe will often hitchhike. Of course their destination might be more civilized than your average camping expedition. Hot and cold running water, along with an electrical appliance used to keep milk fresh may not be an option where you’re going.

A survivalist camper, as the term suggests, will set off with little more than the clothes they’re wearing. To them, roughing it is the only way to go. Those who make it a family adventure might do so in a recreational vehicle, with the comforts of home being no more than an arm’s length away.


Backpacking is another type of camping alternative and is quite popular for those who wish to keep moving, and finding a uniquely different spot to camp at each night. Their beds and other essentials are all very lightweight and kept to the bare minimum. With the equipment strapped to their backs, walking becomes a more physical activity than it might normally. All the more important with backpacking, is the need to carry extra water and ‘on-the-go’ supplies of food energy.

Canoe CampingĀ Canoe camping

A bit similar to backpacking, is canoe camping. A canoe is used for transportation, and the opportunity to carry a great deal more gear, opens up a few more possibilities. An advantage of canoe camping is simply the extra space with which to take what you need. The disadvantage might possibly be the added cost of the necessary equipment. Do however consider how much extra weight might be involved. Paddling can get tiresome in itself, even without a few hundred extra pounds to move. The upside; some canoes can accommodate a small motor, but not ALL waterways will permit motored modes of transportation. Some rivers can also prove hazardous to those without previous canoeing experience.

Those who seek alternative methods of camping may also look no further than their bicycle. This type of camping is preferred by those who enjoy going a much greater distance each day. Saving gas, taking in the beauty of nature, and getting great exercise are all great advantages. In addition, you may also find a few campsites that cater to cyclists.

Commercial Camping

Last but not least; are commercial campsites. Naturally these cater to more of a family unit, with those attending bringing everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink! This type of experience has more of a ‘suburban’ feel to it, complete with available hookups providing electricity and water services.

Whichever type of camping you choose, think it through carefully and consider your resources.



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