Fenix PD22UE Flashlight Review

Fenix PD22ue boxThe previously popular PD22 has been given a makeover! So it’s now my pleasure to introduce to you, the new Fenix PD22UE (Ultimate Edition).

Basic Stats

  • At a petite 3.5″ tall, the PD22UE is the ultimate in an everyday-carry flashlight
  • Its weight is only 1.6 ounces
  • Beam distance has been measured at 427 ft.
  • It’s impact resistant to 1 meter, and submersible for up to 2 meters
  • It operates on either; (1) disposable CR123 or (1) rechargeable 16340 lithium battery
  • The memory circuit remembers the last mode used
  • Sturdy construction with scratch resistant glass and a premium Type III hard anodized, anti-abrasive finish

The Package

Fenix PD22ue and accessories

The complete PD22UE package

Nicely packaged in a rather small retail-ready box, is the PD22UE, an instruction manual, warranty card, accessory bag (containing a lanyard and spare o-ring), a belt sheath, and surprise… a white diffuser!

LED, Lumens, and Runtime

Using one of the newer LED’s, the XP-L V5, the PD22UE has a very wide beam with a soft, creme-white tint. This is not to imply that it doesn’t have a good center ‘hot-spot’. It does. But the spill is quite wide, and will illuminate a large area around you with ease.

The lighting levels are; low, medium, high, turbo. Plus strobe and SOS.

The top lumens have been rated at 510. This is only achieved when using a rechargeable 16340 battery. Here are the lumens as rated by Fenix.

PD 22's XP-L LED

XP-L V5 LED within a smooth reflector

16340 battery

  • low – 6
  • medium – 60
  • high – 200
  • turbo – 510

CR123 battery

  • low – 6
  • medium – 50
  • hight – 200
  • turbo – 400

Runtime on this light isn’t fabulous, but it’s not terrible either.

With a 16340 on turbo mode, it’ll conk out after about 45 minutes. High, will get you about 110 minutes.

If those runtimes seem anemic, keep in mind you’re only using one small battery… of which has limited capacity, and is pushed HARD to produce a lot of light for an extended period. A few years ago, it wasn’t possible to get 500 lumens from a single battery of this size.

Using a CR123, will get you about 75 minutes on turbo and about 2 hrs and 20 minutes on high.

On the opposite end, the 22ue will blaze continuously for up to 100 hours if only used on low.

using the diffuser

using the diffuser

tail-standing with diffuser

tail-standing with diffuser

The included diffuser is useful in any mode, and although the light has difficulty tail-standing in the traditional way (due to the rear switch), it WILL stand upside down with the diffuser attached!

Two Switches

PD22 side switch

Soft-press side-switch

Give the rear switch a soft press. This is allow the light to operate tactically.

A firm press will give you constant light. Once in your lighting mode, press the side-switch to advance the mode.

For strobe, (from any mode) press and HOLD the side-switch. If you prefer SOS, keep pressing it and strobe will change to SOS. This is the only way to access SOS. Another press from any flashing mode will return it to the original lighting mode.

Seeing is Believing!

Please click each image for a full-size view

Fenix PD22ue on low

on low at close range

on medium

on medium

on turbo

on turbo

on low at 10ft

low outdoors at 10ft

medium at 15ft

medium at 15ft

turbo at 15ft

turbo at 15ft

medium at 70ft

medium at 70ft

turbo at 70ft

turbo at 70ft











From a User’s Perspective

The new and improved Fenix PD22UE is a good addition to anyone’s arsenal of tools. Whether it’s for emergency lighting, or to accompany a camping or hiking expedition, it’ll prove itself very useful.

The clip on this light is really good. It’s on the very end, which means the tail cap won’t stick out from your pocket. “Deep-pocket carry” is preferred by many.

The soft side-switch can be pressed quickly in succession, meaning mode changing can be quick. And the flashing modes can be reached from any mode. Fenix PD22ue

Battery Recommendations

16340 batteries are ONLY available online. Take my advice though and stay away from those with inflated capacities! They’re not made to supply more than 750 mAh, so if they claim more than that… it’s completely false.

Nitecore RCR123 battery

16340 (AKA RCR123)

Unfortunately with the passage of time, the PD22UE has found its way into flashlight history. But, there are still plenty of Fenix flashlights to choose from! THIS LINK will offer you several great choices.



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  1. Wow what an amazing test of the Fenix PD22ue Flashlight, great!
    Thanks for your work and sharing this 🙂

  2. Ben,
    The fenis-pd22ue would be a great flash light for the outdoor adventurer. Having an extra battery will never leave you without light. Does it come with its own charger or is that separate, I did not see one in the picture. Can the charger be plugged into a 12 volt car system.

    • Hi John, Yes it’s a great little light…but no, a battery charger is extra. And yes…it’s possible that the charger could be used in a car. It would depend on the type you bought. Thanks for your question!

  3. Hello Ben and thanks for a cool website and great article on this brilliant little flash light! I love the power, and it’s compactness means I could take it pretty much anywhere, no excuse…. apart from my memory, but that’s another story!

    • Thanks Peter! I can’t comment on your memory…but I can tell you mine has a few “grey” moments from time to time! But you’re right about this little fella…he can go anywhere YOU go 🙂

  4. I own a Fenix PD22UE and love it. How does the low voltage warning they advertise work?
    If Nitecore would upgrade their EC11 LED to a XP-L, it would give the PD22UE some serious competition

    • Thanks for your comment Phillip! Yes, I love the EC11. Even with the LED it has, it’s ALREADY serious competition to the PD22UE. As far as a voltage warning is concerned, how does yours currently alert you? With most single CR123 (16340) lights, there’s often not much of a warning! They’ll either lose a bit of brightness or simply shut off. I think that’s what mine does.

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