Imalent HR20 Rechargeable Headband Flashlight

Up until now, I’ve only reviewed one flashlight bearing the Imalent name. It was the DN11, and although I found it to be very bright and quite unique, others have had issues when operating it in wet weather. I don’t think we’ll have issues like that this time around. This is the Imalent HR20, headband flashlight with internal USB charging, and up to 1000 lumens of searing output!

Well-Accessorized Package

Imalent HR20 box & contents

So let’s examine what we have here;

  • Box (naturally)
  • Flashlight (of course)
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 2600mAh 18650 battery
  • User manual
  • Headband
  • Small bag containing a pocket clip & two spare o-rings

HR20 Stats

Flashlight height is 4.1″ ¬†Including the free 18650 battery, it weighs 93.5 grams. It features a beam distance of 225 meters. It’s impact resistant to 1.5 meters and is waterproof to IPX-8 (submersible).


Imalent HR20 w/18650 battery

Light and 18650 battery

A Cree XP-L HI LED is at the root of the HR20.

It’s powered by one, Imalent 3.7v 18650 rechargeable battery (included), or two (disposable) CR123 batteries.

The output of the light is fully customizable from 1 to 1000 lumens, courtesy of an adjustable control ring.

Either the included battery, or an 18650 of your choice, will charge inside the light when the included USB cable is connected to a USB source.

The body is aerospace grade aluminum alloy.

A built-in thermal control monitor will adjust the brightness according to internal and external flashlight temperature.

A fully regulated constant current circuit keeps the output as bright as possible.

In addition to a constant output, three flashing modes are available: strobe, SOS and beacon.

So Simple to Operate 

Imalent HR20 power switch

Power & USB

The control ring

Imalent HR20 headband

The headband






Just give the power button a soft click, and the HR20 comes on. A second click turns it off.

Once on, the output is adjusted by turning the control ring. Within its range of movement, you can adjust the brightness to as low or as high as you want. Movement of the ring is easy, and the tension is neither to too lose or too tight.

To activate the flashing/emergency modes, press and HOLD the power switch, either while the light is on or off. The sequence is strobe>SOS>beacon. To switch from one to the other, press and HOLD the button. To return to the previous (non-flashing) level…continue to “beacon” then press and HOLD a final time. To switch off from any flashing mode, click the power button once.

Charging the Battery

USB connected

Imalent HR20 charging

Charging (red)

Charge Complete






Pull back the dust cover (below the power button) and connect the USB cable. A red indicator will illuminate. When the charge is complete, a green indicator on the opposite side appears.

Let’s Look at the Beam!

please click the images for a full-screen view

At 20% brightness

Imalent HR20 at full power

100% brightness

Imalent HR20 at 60 feet

100% at 60 feet

25% output @12 feet







Imalent HR20 Impressions

The HR20 is a very cool headlamp/EDC hybrid.

Not long ago, I reviewed the Olight H1 Nova, which is a similar headlamp hybrid. Although the Imalent is larger and brighter, it reminds me of the H1’s ability to adapt.

The inclusion of the rotating ring is pure genius! It’s the ultimate in output customization, and allows the user complete control of how much light to emit.

Since it uses an 18650 battery, runtime should be fairly good.

I’m quite pleased with the Imalent HR20 and can’t think of any possible problems that might arise, or see any current issues or concerns.

If you’d like to pick up an HR20 from Amazon, CLICK HERE!

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