Klarus XT11S Rechargeable Flashlight Review

The original XT11 from Klarus is not a new flashlight – its been around for a little while. What’s new, is the Cree XP-L HI LED, which has been finding its way into quite a few flashlights lately. It’s the reason why the XT11 is now the Klarus XT11S.

Klarus XT11S

Main Features (and specs) 

Of course the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED is the main focus, because without it, there’d be no flashlight.

Cree XP-L HI V3

Cree XP-L HI V3

It has a dual tactical tail switch, plus a separate side-switch for total user control.

Weight, with a battery, 5.89oz. Length, 5.5″

Waterproof (IPX-8) to 2 meters.

Impact resistant to 1 meter.

Beam distance, 330 meters.

Material of the body; 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum which is Type III hard anodized.

Completely rechargeable, with built-in USB port.

Other Features Worth Noting;

  • Programmable, w/three separate user settings
  • Smart temperature control system monitors internal temp and adjusts output accordingly
  • Constant current circuit, prevents flickering caused by PWM
  • Battery voltage indicator within side-switch lets you know when the battery needs charging
  • Side-switch can be locked-out to prevent accidental activation
  • Stainless-steel strike bezel can be used in emergency situations
  • The durable tempered glass lens is coated to resist scratches

Batteries, Output, and Runtime, Oh My!

It operates on (1) rechargeable 3.7v 18650 battery. Since the working voltage goes to 8.4, other batteries such as CR123’s are usable, but of course they’re disposable.

Output and Runtime are as follows;

  • Low – 10, about 260 hours
  • Medium – 100, about 18 hours
  • High – 400, about 4 hours
  • Turbo – 1100, about 2 hours

Useful Accessories 

Klarus XT11S package

Complete XT11S package










Klarus has seen to it, that the XT11S comes packed with some nice additions.

Because the light is rechargeable, it comes with a USB charging cable. Because it needs a battery to operate, it also comes with a Klarus 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable battery. In addition, there’s an adjustable lanyard, a belt holster, a tactical ring, a spare o-ring, a pocket clip, and an instruction manual.

Charging the Klarus XT11S Internally

A USB cable is included in the package. When connected to the port on the body of the flashlight, the small LED within the side-switch illuminates in red. When charging is complete, it turns green.

Programmable Settings 

The 2 main program settings

Settings 1 & 2 in the manual

Klarus XT11S tail switches

Primary Switch (round) Mode Switch (flat)








The XT11S has THREE power switches! A side switch basically changes modes, BUT, depending on the setting will also turn the light on and off.

TWO switches are on the tail cap. These consist of a Primary switch and a Mode switch.

There are THREE user (program) settings from which to choose. In the photo I’ve included, the first two are shown. The third is not, because it’s basically Turbo and Strobe. I didn’t dismiss it for lack of importance… but I also can’t see someone needing it on a regular basis.

  • 1. Classic Tactical Setting
  • 2. Outdoor Setting
  • 3. Tactical Assault Setting

From these settings, my choice is the first one. From the diagram above you can see where that allows all regular modes to be operated by the side switch.

The Classic Tactical Setting

So, from setting number one, press the PRIMARY switch (lightly) for tactical turbo mode. For continuous turbo, firmly press the PRIMARY switch. To switch off, press it again.

For momentary strobe, press the MODE switch. For continuous strobe press and HOLD the MODE switch for three seconds. To switch off, press the MODE switch again. Klarus XT11SKlarus XT11S USB port

To cycle through turbo, high and low modes ONLY; turn the light on via the PRIMARY switch (you’ll be in turbo) then click the MODE switch. From there, it will cycle through only those THREE modes. Even from any of those three modes, you may access STROBE by pressing the MODE switch once again. When the mode button is released, strobe is replaced with turbo.

For access to all FOUR regular lighting modes, press the SIDE SWITCH. One quick press switches it on. Each quick press after that advances to the next mode. The modes on the Klarus XT11S go in opposite order from most other lights. The sequence is turbo>high>medium>low. To turn the light off when using the side switch, a HOLDING press is required.

By pressing and HOLDING the side-switch (while the light is off) you’ll have instant access to low mode.

Strobe and SOS are also accessible from the SIDE SWITCH. While in any lighting mode, DOUBLE-CLICK the side switch and strobe will activate. Double-click in strobe, and SOS will activate. Click ONCE during the flashing modes, and whatever continuous mode you were in previously, will return.

Refer to the (manual) diagram above for what you can expect from User Setting #2. (outdoor mode) 

Lock Out Mode

Because accidental activation is possible via the side switch when carrying the light in a pocket, a “lock-out” mode can be activated. To lock the light so the side switch is inoperable, press and HOLD the side switch (from the off position) for five seconds until the light blinks twice. To unlock and return to normal use, press the SIDE SWITCH quickly, THREE times. Two blinks will indicate it’s now unlocked.

Battery Voltage Indicator

Each time the XT11S is switched on, the little indicator within the side switch will illuminate. When GREEN, that means the battery is good (70% charge or over). If it’s ORANGE, that means it’s fair (30-70%). If you see RED… then it’s less than 30% and will need to be charged soon. When you see the red indicator start to blink… then you know the battery is seriously low.

Checking Out the Beam

Klarus XT11S on low

On low

XT11S on tree

Tree across street


Klarus XT11 on turbo

On turbo

Klarus XT11 on medium

On medium

Klarus XT11S on low

On low

Klars XT11S turbo

On turbo

Klarus XT11S on high

On high

Klarus XT11S medium

On medium











Random Thoughts

The Klarus XT11S is a very nice flashlight. It’s also a very SERIOUS flashlight, and is certainly not the type that finds its way to the kitchen junk drawer, or one you’d give to the kids to “play” with. It’s a heavy duty light that can take some abuse. The styling is attractive, it’s a good size for the average hand, and hellishly bright!

The switches are well-shaped and easy to locate even when operating the light in pitch darkness.

Charging the battery is easy with the included USB, and the manual confirms that the internal current is close to a full 1A (1000mA). Whatever the current, it doesn’t usually sustain itself through the charge. Typically, it starts high and gradually lowers to a sustained level after a little while.

If was to think of anything negative about the light itself, the only thing that stands out is the fact that it doesn’t tailstand terribly well. It DOES have the ability to do so, but due to the switches on the bottom, it’s a bit wobbly.


I received the Klarus XT11S from GearBest.

If you’d like to consider a purchase, please visit its Amazon page.

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  1. Hello, I have a question. I’m looking for good flashlight under $100 that will come with a good battery. I came upon a Klarus XT12GT flashlight, and before considering which one to purchase, I decided to contact you and ask for your opinion. What do you think of this flashlight? Is it a good one? Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hey Tim! Yes, I like this one quite a bit…it has some nice features. Funny you should ask about the “12GT”…. I just found out that I’ll be reviewing that one very soon…so I’ll be able to compare them! I have a hunch they’ll be similarities, but the new one comes with a very unique (and different) charging interface. It should be interesting. Perhaps you’d like to wait until I complete the other review.

      Did reading my review on the XT11S leave you with any specific questions?? I hope at least it was somewhat helpful.
      Take Care.

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