MiBoxer C2-3000 Digital Smart Charger

MiBoxer has struck again! I recently completed my review of theirĀ C4, now it’s the MiBoxer C2-3000. Don’t let the name the fool you though, it’s NOT a direct replica of the C4, but with two bays instead of four. To find out why… keeeeeeep reading!

Smaller Box

The C2 offers a couple of different accessories. There’s the charger and manual (of course), along with a USB plug and a USB car (charging) adapter.

All the Features You Were Hoping For

Okay, so let’s look at what the C2 has to offer;

  • Charges Li-ion (4.2v) NiMH/Ni-Cd
  • Stops charging when the battery is full
  • Both slots act independently
  • Maximum current of 1.5A (1500mAh) for Li-ion & 1A for NiMH

    The USB jack

  • Selects charging current automatically; NO user input!
  • Detects and displays battery resistance
  • Displays accumulated capacity in mAh
  • Displays remaining charging time
  • Automatically saves the charging curve (Li-ion only)
  • Can revive zero voltage batteries
  • Protected against short circuit
  • Made from fire retardant materials

MiBoxer C2 ParametersĀ 

  • Input voltage; DC 5v-12v — 2A
  • Output voltage; 4.20v / 1.48v
  • Output current; Li-ion (max) – 2@ 1.5A; NiMH (max) – 2@ 1A

So Many Batteries, So Little Time

See the photo showing the list of acceptable battery sizes.

Using the MiBoxer C2-3000

On the rear of the charger is one input. It’s a standard jack into the charger, but with a USB connector on the other end.

Once a battery is placed in either (or both) of the slots, the C2 makes a quick decision as to what the best charging current for the battery is.

The “slot” button is the only operating function. Once charging has started, it’s used to switch back and forth between slot 1 & 2. There’s an LCD backlight that’s triggered with the pressing of the “slot” switch, which can be turned off with a HOLDING press.

The Display

When everything fires up (figuratively, not literally!) the display tells you what you need to know.

MiBoxer C2 display diagram

The display diagram









The elements within the display are the same for each slot;

  • Percentage of charging battery
  • Battery type
  • Remaining charging time
  • “Current” battery capacity

And finally, an automatic “toggling” readout which switches between;

  • Battery internal resistance*
  • Charging current
  • Charging voltage

* Resistance won’t be read as the charge nears completion.

Charging a 16340

16340 finished

Accumulated capacity

A 18350 & 14500

Two NiMH AAA’s

Two 18650’s

18650 (right) finished











The Great Revival

So just as the C2’s big brother does, if you have any old (zero voltage) discharged batteries lying around, it just may be worth your while to see if a jolt of electric-juice can bring them back to working order. When inserted into either slot, the C2 will do what it can to make them new again. If the cell is too far gone for even the C2’s recuperative powers, “Err” will appear in the display.

Closing Remarks

Just like the previously reviewed C4, the MiBoxer C2 is a very useful charger.

It’s nice that it’s not merely a two-bay version of the C4, but instead, a unit with slightly different capabilities.

This is only the second charger I’ve seen that offers a countdown timer. The first was the Xtar VC2 Plus. Don’t expect 100% accuracy from this feature. As batteries charge, ending times are usually adjusted accordingly.

It’s the first charger I’ve seen that offers as much info as it does, without even pressing a button!

Unlike most chargers, you, as the user, have no control over the current the batteries receive. The C2 seems to possess the knowledge to know what’s right, for the battery that’s nestled between its contacts.

What’s also nice, is that when the C2 completes a charge, it displays the actual battery voltage… 4.17 (with Li-ion) for example… instead of a “default” 4.20 as some chargers do. This will be equally as accurate with NiMH batteries as well.

I’m recommending the C2 for its simplicity and overall accuracy in the job it performs.

The MiBoxer C2-3000 is available from Banggood. CLICK HERE for your chance to get one!



Since the release of the C2-3000, MiBoxer has introduced a newer, updated version! The C2-4000 takes the same design, and features, but also adds the ability to DISCHARGE a battery! They also added an extra layer of “customization” by allowing the user to select both the charging and discharging current if you so desire.

Below, is a video review of the 4000…. and here’s a link to the MiBoxer page on Amazon!


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