Soonfire VS37GT Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Soonfire flashlights have been around for awhile. I’ve heard of them… but never had the chance to test one out, until now. So for me, the Soonfire VS37GT is a first!

Check it Out

Soonfire VS37GT accessory pack

The flashlight comes in a rather substantial box, along with some pretty good accessories. You get a belt holster, a lanyard, spare o-rings, a spare USB-port cover, a micro USB charging cable, a Soonfire 18650 battery, and a user manual! Not shabby at allĀ  šŸ˜€

Soonfire StatsĀ 

VS37GT lens & LED

  • LED; Cree XM-L2 U3
  • Maximum output; 1060 lumens
  • Weight; 231 grams including the battery
  • Length; 169mm (6.65 inches)
  • Waterproof to 2 meters (IPX-8)
  • Impact resistant to 1 meter
  • Beam distance; 376 meters (411 yards)

Main Features

  • Constant current, drive circuit — to maintain output
  • Precise control system monitors internal flashlight temperature
  • Internal USB charging circuit
  • Toughened glass lens
  • A deep-set LED and smooth reflector aid in beam distance
  • Illuminated mode switch indicates battery power
  • Hard anodized military-grade aluminum
  • Mode memory memorizes the last mode used
  • The head of the bezel can be used for striking in an emergency

Battery, Output and RuntimeĀ 

As I mentioned earlier, Soonfire includes their own 18650 battery. Since it’s a good battery, and not a cheap one, there’s no particular reason to use anything else. It can also accept other battery types, such as rechargeable 16340’s and 18350’s… but of course the charging function of the light, will only charge a single 18650.

Modes are as follows;

  • Shimmery (ultra-low) 8 lumens — 319 hours
  • Low – 60 lumens — 51 hours
  • Medium – 200 lumens — 13.5 hours
  • High – 500 lumens — 3 hrs, 55 mins
  • Ultra high (turbo) – 1060 lumens — 2 hrs, 15 mins
  • plus strobe and SOS*Ā 

*Strobe operates at the highest output and uses a variable frequency. SOS uses a lower output.

How to Operate the Soonfire VS37GT

Inside the head

Tactical tailcap switch






As you’ve no doubt noticed, there’s a tail-switch and a side-switch. Turn it on via a full-click of the tail… then use the side button to change modes. The sequence is lowest to highest, and repeats with continuing clicks. Mode memory always remembers the last mode used.

For tactical use, half-press the tail and you’ll have momentary light.

Soonfire VS37GT and 18650 battery

VS37GT and battery

Ultra-high mode is accessible from any of the first four modes by a quick “double-click” of the side switch. A single click from ultra-high, ends up at shimmery again.

I’ve seen no instance where the highest mode is timed, so that output drops automatically. Although with its internal temperature monitoring, I imagine that will happen if enough heat is generated.

Strobe and SOS are hidden. The manual claims that strobe can be accessed from “off”… but I’m afraid that’s not true. While the light is on, press and HOLD the side-switch and strobe will activate. A single click from strobe will activate SOS. Strangely, when SOS is engaged, the output drops, and appears to be in low mode. Strobe however, activates in ultra-high.

If you’re in SOS and wish to return to a constant mode, press and hold the side-switch. If you single-click, it will return to the last regular mode used, but if you single-click a second time, it will activate strobe all over again.

The Battery Indicator

Each time the Soonfire VS37GT is switched on, a blue light beneath the side-button illuminates. If the battery is strong, the light remains constant. When the battery voltage drops to below 70%, the blue indicator will blink. When voltage drops below 50%, a red light replaces the blue one. Then at 20% or below, the red indicator blinks.

As you may of suspected, these are the same illuminations you’ll see when using the USB port to charge the battery.

The Internal Charging Circuit

USB charging port


Charge complete






Connect the included micro USB cable to the port on the light, and the blue switch indicator will appear. The battery isn’t charging though until you turn the light ON via the tail-switch. Once you do that, the indicator will flash in red… and continue until charging is finished. When the switch light turns solid blue, you know it’s complete.

Remember to click the tail-switch (to turn the light off) after disconnecting the USB. The light won’t be ON… but the blue indicator will be. So if you don’t want to start draining the battery right away… switch it off completely.

Checking the Beam

Low mode

Shimmery mode

Medium @60 ft

Soonfire VS37GT on high

On high

Soonfire VS37GT on ultra-bright


On a tree

Shimmery mode


Soonfire VS37GT












Thoughts and Comments

The Soonfire VS37GT reminds me of other flashlights of this type. Namely the Klarus XT12GT.Ā It’s a good all around, solid, tactical light. It’s not small by any means, although you have a deep enough pocket, the clip is positioned close enough to the end, so very little protrudes from your pocketĀ  :mrgreen:Ā Keep in mind the head is 1.8″ wide, and the lower portion of the barrel is 0.9″.

The inclusion of the 18650 battery is appreciated. When my package arrived, the battery voltage was below 3 volts!! This is highly unusual. Most batteries arrive at 3.6 volts. There was no tab on the end of it to prevent a connection during transport, and it wasn’t ON either, so I’m not sure how that occurred. I charged the battery in theĀ MiBoxer C2 charger, and was pleased to see it took just over 3400mAh! I concluded that the battery IS of good quality!

The Soonfire VS37GT may or may not be available on Amazon Prime at the moment, but you can visit the Soonfire product page by clicking here!Ā 


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