What Is An EDC Flashlight and Why Would I Need One

Pockets are only so big. Some jackets and to a lesser extent, some pants, have more pockets than you might think the average person needs. With everything you might carry day to day, have you ever thought about adding a flashlight to the mix? If so, this is where the question might arise, what is an EDC flashlight and why would I need one?

Like a great deal of the English language today, EDC is an acronym…which stands for “everyday carry”.

Your Ideal Size May Vary

There are dozens of palm-size flashlights these days. Many are clipped to the insides of pockets, some to hats, and many dangling from a key chain. Although the versatility of such a light might seem somewhat limited, many in fact, are in the 200-300 lumen rage! Not too shabby for something some people might consider only for illuminating a key hole in the dark. But think again, they ARE more versatile than that.

If you were to ask a flashaholic what they carry for an EDC light, the answer would vary as much as the variety of lights on the market!

what is an edc flashlight

Most EDC lights can fit in the palm of your hand

The longer of the two palm-size lights pictured, is an excellent example of what the average EDC light would resemble. Many are definitely in the 2-3″ range.

About 4″ is pretty typical. However for those who have more than one flashlight  they use for everyday carry, depending how deep your pocket is, they’ll go as long as 6″.

Why Would I Need to Carry One?

Okay, so even though you’re still reading… you might be wondering what the whole point of the EDC thing is. I guess that’s natural, because outside of the world of flashaholics, the basic need for something as mundane as a flashlight might not seem very important. Well, perhaps the next paragraph will shed some light on a few situations where it might start to make sense to you.

Always When You Least Expect It

Life happens… unexpectedly sometimes. So answer yourself a few questions:

  • Do you work/live in the city?
  • Do you live alone?
  • Do you take public transportation?
  • Do you ride an elevator everyday?
  • Do you work or live in a high rise building?
  • Do you go out often after dark?
  • Do you take a bus, taxi or subway after dark?
  • Do you live on/or own property in the country?
  • Do you own a farm?
  • Do you own a pet?
lights in dark

Anyone out after dark should own an EDC

You see where I’m going with this line of questioning right?

If you answered yes to at least half of them, guess what?


Yes, I Don’t Doubt You Have A Cell Phone

Even under the simplest, and most routine of daily activities, you NEVER know what might happen next! Suddenly finding yourself in either low-light, or complete darkness, or having to possibly defend yourself can be very scary. It’s also something you DO NOT want to depend on a CELL PHONE for!! That kind of emergency light might be okay for a minute or so…but what if it’s 10 minutes or longer? Preserving your cell phone battery will be the important thing at that point.

Teenagers and young adults love to have fun after dark. But, what if their fun should turn worrisome? Sure, everyone has a cell phone these days in case of an emergency. But, it’s dark out there!! – and flashlight apps just won’t cut it if you need a light for more than a few minutes.

More Reasons Than You Can Imagine

An environment with dim light can turn up at the strangest times;

  • Under the seat of your car anytime of day
  • Under your desk at work
  • In a power failure
  • In a poorly lit hallway or closet
  • Dropping something on the floor in a movie theater

You get the idea.

Believe Me, Once You Bite, You’ll Be Hooked

Most anyone who carries an EDC flashlight, myself included, will confess that they have no idea how they used to go day to day WITHOUT one. It’s one of those things that, once you know you have it you tend to use it.

Those who own several EDC lights won’t necessarily favor one over another, but they’ll know which ones are more appropriate at any given time. For casual dress vs. a business environment, they’ll know which ones are better suited…(pun intended!)

Don’t Get Ripped Off!

If you decide that an EDC light is right for you, here’s a friendly word of warning.

Without hesitation, I link to online merchants such as Amazon as a means to shop and compare contentproducts. There are however dozens of cheap imitations on Amazon. I suggest reading this post so you can be an informed shopper!

Membership Has Its Benefits

Just know that when you finally join the world of EDC lighting, that you’re now a member of a distinct group who are always prepared for unexpected darkness.

If you’re ready to take a look at some suitable lights for everyday carry, please visit the Product Reviews page at Lightsngear.

 Please let me know if you have comments or questions regarding this topic.




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  1. Such a good idea for a website. I know there are countless times I wished I had a flashlight with me. Website is looking good.

  2. Love this post makes, very well written. I want to go out and get one of these flashlights now.

    • I appreciate that! And the wonderful thing about the links provided in the article, means you don’t need to “go out” anywhere to get one! (besides, they’re very difficult to find in a retail store)

  3. I agree with Virgie! There are many times I wished I had a flashlight. Maybe I start considering having one always with me. Thanks for the info!

    • Thank you. So, the power has gone out where I work a few times…and wouldn’t you know it, I was the ONLY one with a flashlight! It was appreciated too.

  4. I don’t know why, but I had an obsession with torches when I was younger. I’m long past that phase now, thankfully.

    That said, it can be handy to have a flashlight around, but I’ve never had a real need for it as I can generally feel my way around during the night and most of the time I’m indoors long before the sun sets.

    • Thanks for the comment. Your interest in lights when you were younger must’ve been a passing phase at the time. I don’t know how long ago that was, but maybe it was long enough that a second look is in order. Perhaps if you amassed a collection at that time, many of them, although still good, may not be as powerful as those being produced today. Thanks for looking!

  5. Very helpful post, thank you for sharing! I wasn’t sure what EDC meant before reading this post. However I actually carry an EDC flashlight with me attached to my keys every day! They are very useful little tools. Thanks for the informative post!

    • Hey thanks for popping in! Yes, the key chain lights can be good in a pinch, and certainly don’t take up much more room than your keys do.

  6. Great Post! I don’t think that most people realize how much they would use a flashlight if they had one on them all of the time. The EDC group with be the only people ready if any disasters happen. I agree with you that you do not want to buy the cheapest thing on the market. If you are actually carrying this flashlight with you everywhere it will take a beating.

  7. Great site! I actually like carrying one of those small LED light keychains and I am interested in finding one as handy but with better luminosity. Thanks

    • Key-chain lights are convenient…but most aren’t built for brightness. I have one that I bought from 4Sevens. It’s the brightest key-chain light I have EVER seen! It also has 3 lighting modes on it!

  8. Does the EDC Flashlight have only a single brightness setting? I have an older EDC Flashlight that has high, medium, low and flash…

    • Thanks for the question Lora! The answer; is absolutely not! An EDC flashlight is ANY light that can be carried easily, and most if not all, have multiple modes. So in many cases, as with most that I have reviewed on this site, there will be four or five brightness settings.

  9. Great post . It is very informational . I think most of the people want to have flashlight but they see that it is not a big issue . But they should learn that how it is important for our daily lifes. And your post show them it’s necessity . thanks again.

    • Thanks for your comment, and your praise Eric! I think when most people are bitten by the “flashlight bug”, they wonder how they ever got along without them before! Today’s tiny lights make EDC so easy. Thanks for visiting.

  10. I agree with the others commenting that this is a well put together post. For me, I only until recently have begun to see the full potential of these new and powerful flashlights and the multiple and practical uses they have. When I would go outside to walk my dog at night, I would take an automatic knife for protection but now see that a tac edc light is a better option not only for self defense but also so I can see clearly and that alone provides a deterrent from a would-be attacker. I think I have the “flashlight bug” now, lol thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for the comment Brett! You’ve nailed the essence of the discussion.

      I can’t think of much more to add, except that your experience is very real, and again, brings to “light” (no pun intended) the convenience and importance of making an EDC light part of your everyday life.

  11. Thanks very much! That’s what I hope the site is doing…is to put the idea in the frontal lobe of your memory!! Cheers!

  12. Such a good idea for a website. I know there are countless times I wished I had a flashlight with me. Website is looking good.

  13. Nice article BR Wilkie.
    I have Klarus Mi7 edc flashlight and it has almost all features that an edc flashlight should have.

  14. When it comes to every day carry, what comes to me first is portability. My personal choices are surefire titan, sidekick & e series. They are all small in size and light in weight, very durable no doubt.

  15. Oh yes. This. I myself always have two lights on me. I have the first one recommended, the Nitecore light and I also have the Energizer Carabiner Handcrank light, no need for batteries at all. Both are on my lanyard. On my car, I have a few lights, a headlight and a smaller Cree Flashlight.

  16. Great post . It may be very information. I realize there are limitless instances I needed I had a flashlight with me.

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