Acebeam E70 Mini High CRI LED Flashlight Review

I’m here today to talk about the Acebeam E70 Mini. It’s a cousin of the original E70…but in a “mini” form-factor.

Acebeam E70 mini

Acebeam E70 mini

Smaller Package

Acebeam E70 mini package

The E70 Mini comes in familiar Acebeam packaging. It includes a manual, a charging cable, a lanyard, spare o-rings, and a 3100mAh 18650 lithium battery.

3 – Nichia 519A LED’s

Very sturdy stainless steel clip









  • Length; 4.3″
  • Weight; 4.31 oz (w/battery)
  • Battery; 1 x 18650 lithium (included)
  • LED’s; 3 x Nichia 519A High CRI-90
  • Beam Distance; (turbo) 153 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 1 meter
  • Waterproof; 2 meters

Features and Benefits

E70 Mini w/18650 battery

Mode Memory;

  • Each time the light is turned off, it’ll always return to the same level when turned on again

Sturdy Pocket Clip;

  • Once attached to a pocket or bug-out bag, the E70 isn’t going anywhere!

(3) High CRI-90 LED’s;

  • CRI stands for “color rendering index” and a CRI of 90 or higher means the emitted light looks more natural

Aero-grade Aluminum body, with a TypeIII Hard Anodized finish

  • Tough as nails and virtually indestructible

Tail-switch Operation;

  • The power switch in on the base of the light which is a natural position when using your thumb to activate

Four lighting regular lighting modes (+ 3 hidden);

  • More choices for selecting the right amount of light when you need it

Crenelated Strike Bezel;

  • The outside edge of the head is “chiseled” in case the light needs to be used as an emergency weapon

USB Rechargeable Battery;

  • The included 18650 battery has a built-in USB-C charging port

Lighting Modes, Output & Runtime

Acebeam E70 mini tail switch

tail switch

Acebeam E70 mini

  • * Ultra-low; 12 lumens (100 hrs)
  • Low; 60 lumens (19 hrs)
  • Medium-1; 170 lumens (7 hrs)
  • Medium-2; 380 lumens (3 hrs)
  • High; 900~600 lumens (2 mins~115 mins)
  • * Turbo; 2000~600 lumens (90 sec~2 hrs)
  • * Strobe*; 1000 lumens (2 hrs)

*  these modes are hidden from the regular lighting sequence

How To Operate the Acebeam E70 Mini

If simple to use lights is your thing, the E70 Mini has your back.

The tail-switch is the command center!

A double-click is needed to turn it on, then a holding press advances through the modes. The regular sequence is low>med1>med2>high.

For ultra-low, it’s a holding press from OFF.

For turbo, it’s a double-click from any mode.

For strobe, it’s a TRIPLE-click from any mode.

A holding press from the last two modes, will return it to the previous mode it was in.

Like I said…very simple.

Beam Shot Pics

on ultra-low

Acebeam E70 mini on medium

on medium 1

Acebeam E70 mini on high


Acebeam E70 mini on turbo



on low

Acebeam E70 mini on high


high at 25 ft

low at 50 ft


medium 1

medium 2

Acebeam E70 mini on turbo


Acebeam E70 mini on high


















USB Charging

The Acebeam battery they include is USB-C rechargeable.

Once connected, a red indicator on the positive end will appear. It’ll change to green when charging is finished. Naturally you can charge the battery in a stand-alone charger if you prefer.

Low Voltage Warning

charging finished

charging battery

To alert you that the battery is getting low, the Acebeam E70 Mini employs a simple system of less output.

When the voltage drops to near 20% you’ll simply see less output from all modes. It shuts down completely when voltage drops below 2.7

It’s All Good

I literally haven’t anything negative to say about the E70 Mini.

  • It’s a good size to hold comfortably
  • The switch is convenient and very responsive
  • The clip won’t let you down
  • Turbo output is bright as hell for a 18650 flashlight
  • It’s attractively styled

The only thing I’ll note about turbo mode, is that it gets VERY HOT, pretty quickly! And contrary to Acebeam’s measurements, I got about 90 seconds of turbo mode before the output started dropping.

A note on beam distance.

As you can see from the couple of photos I attached, long-range output is less on the E70 due to the 3 LED configuration.

Even on turbo, the beam will be more efficient if the target is less than 100 feet away.

My Personal Recommendation

If you like 18650-based lights, I think the Acebeam E70 Mini will be a pleasure to own.

You can get one with Amazon Prime, by clicking here!

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