Reviewing the Sofirn SC31 Pro USB Rechargeable Flashlight

There’s already been an SC31B flashlight from Sofirn. But today I’m going to look at the Sofirn SC31 Pro, which aside from visually, is quite different! So read on, and I’ll spell it all out for you.

Sofirn SC31 Pro

Hey! A Different Box!

Sofirn SC31 Pro packaging

Sofirn has never been known for spending much money on their outward appearance. The exterior packaging of their lights has been identical for a long time…until now! It makes absolutely no difference…it’s just that the BOX ART has finally changed! 😉


Inside the box is the SC31 Pro, a user manual, a USB-C charging cable, a small packet including spare o-rings and a lanyard, and INSIDE the light, is a Sofirn 3000mAh 18650 rechargeable battery.


Luminus SST40 LED & smooth reflector

  • Length; 4.5″
  • Weight; 3.78 oz (w/battery)
  • LED; Luminus SST40
  • Output Range – 1 lumen to 2000 lumens
  • Beam Distance; 200 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 1 meter
  • Waterproof; IPX-8  (2 meters)
  • Running Voltage; 2.8 to 4.2
  • Body; T6061 Aircraft Grade (hard anodized) aluminum-alloy
  • Lens; AR coated toughened glass


  • Andúril firmware
  • USB rechargeable
  • Two switchable operating UI’s
  • Mode Memory
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • Five different strobe modes
  • Four different “blinking” modes
  • User-configurable operation
  • On demand access to lowest and highest output

Battery Acceptance

Sofirn SC31 Pro & battery

With the Sofirn 18650

The ONLY battery accepted by the Sofirn SC31 Pro, is a 18650. Aside from the included cell, you can also use other 18650 brands, including unprotected (flat-top) IMR types, from the likes of Samsung, LG, etc. The running voltage is not high enough to accept smaller cells such as CR123 and 16340 sizes.

Andúril Firmware; The WOW Factor!

The Sofirn SC31 Pro is now one of MANY lights I have reviewed, that feature Andúril firmware. Its inclusion, allows the user to make his/her own choices when it comes to how the flashlight operates.

Use the diagram image featured on this page as a basic guide for the types of choices available. Only if you’re somewhat familiar with Andúril will it make sense. Otherwise it more resembles a European road map!

The “Special” Modes

As with all Andúril lights, there are TWO sets of special modes. One of them “flashes” and the other “blinks” (yes, there’s a difference).

Here’s a more detailed look at what they are, and do.

The first group consists of;

  • Battery Check (displays [by blinking] the voltage of the battery)
  • Sunset / Goodnight; turns on low, then dims to moonlight for one hour before shutting off
  • Beacon (this is adjustable for both output and “blink rate”)
  • Temperature Check (can be configured for accuracy)

The second group it where it gets interesting;

Tailcap interior

  • Candle mode; simulates a candle or fireplace
  • Bike flasher
  • Party strobe (extremely fast frequency)
  • Tactical strobe (adjustable frequency)
  • Lighting storm; simulates lightning!

The “Other” Specialty Modes

  • Lockout; to prevent accidental activation
  • Momentary; for tactical operation
  • Muggle Mode; limits the output and features so the light can be lent to someone

Two Ways to Change Brightness

Anduril firmware

Basic UI diagram

Through smooth ramping, you can go from the lowest output to the highest, as if you’re operating a dimmer switch. With “stepping” (which is the default) it’ll ramp up and down in a more standard way, with fixed outputs…the way most flashlights operate. Switching between the two interfaces is done by clicking the switch THREE times while the light is on. A brief flash following the clicks, confirms the change. Mode memory works the same, regardless of the interface.

Making it Personal Through Configuration

Configuring the way the SC31 Pro works, is another way of making it more personal to the user.

You can set limits as to how LOW and HIGH (floor/ceiling) the output will be, through either of the interfaces.

To configure the lowest and highest output setting within each interface, have the light ON, then click FOUR times. If it’s currently set to “smooth ramping”, you’ll be given the chance to set the lowest and highest output. When set to “stepping”, you’ll have the same two choices, plus a third, which is to set the number of output “steps”.

Once you perform the four clicks, it’ll blink and enter a “buzz” mode, which is your cue to click the corresponding number which sets your preference. If you do nothing during the “buzz” it’ll simply move to the next option, leaving the previous setting unchanged. The simplest way to ensure you’ll get the lowest and highest output when ramping or stepping, is to click ONCE during the first and second option. Additional clicks are required if you want the “floor” to be brighter, and the “ceiling” to be dimmer.

USB Charging

USB-C charging port

Sofirn SC31 Pro charging its battery

Charging the battery







No detailed discussions needed here. Connect the included USB-C cable to the light, and the other end to a USB charging source. While charging the side switch is a bright red, and turns green when completed.

The Big Beam Gallery

the images below were taken with the UI set to “stepping” with a five mode configuration; moonlight>low>medium>high>turbo

low mode


Sofirn SC31Pro on high




Sofirn SC31Pro on high


Sofirn SC31Pro on turbo


Sofirn SC31 Pro on moon mode



Sofirn SC31 Pro on high


Sofirn SC31Pro on medium


Sofirn SC31Pro on turbo


























Sofirn SC31 Pro; Lots to Like

I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about this light. With the Anduril firmware, there are many ways to make it unique to yourself. Or just use it on the default settings and don’t change a thing.

It’s also true that you can get ANY flashlight which features the firmware, and it’ll operate exactly the same. The differences of course will be the construction of the light itself and the type of LED it uses. So even though the settings will be the same, the beam tint, overall brightness, and beam pattern will differ from light to light.


To experience the SC31 Pro for yourself, hop over to its Amazon product page, #ad and get yours from Amazon Prime!

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