Sunwayman G25C Flashlight Review

Sunwayman has been producing some cool flashlights recently. Their C22C has been a good seller! But now, I’m pleased to introduce the Sunwayman G25C!

Sunwayman G25C Flashlight Package

The G25C Package

G25C Flashlight

G25C — only 4.25″







Feast Your Eyes!

At a mere 4.25″ tall (or long if it’s horizontal), Sunwayman’s G25C is one of a growing field of tiny marvels to enter the LED flashlight arena.

The package, as pictured above, features an in-depth manual, two spare o-rings, a sturdy box, and a lanyard (not pictured).

The G25C's CREE XM-L2 U2 LED

The G25C’s CREE XM-L2 U2 LED

The G25C comes with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, which in this case produces a clean beam of light. Its center hotspot is very defined as a tight circle of white light. Its ample spill beam illuminates a fairly wide area without injecting any noticeable flaws or artifacts.

Output and Runtime

Although while not possessing quite as many output levels as some of its competitors, the G25C still offers a decent amount of flexibility.

  • Low – 16 lumens for 80 hours of continuous use
  • Medium – 150 lumens for 6 hours of continuous use
  • High – 1000 lumens for 2 hours of continuous use
  • Strobe – (not measured in lumens or runtime)

Stats & Features

  • A constant current, constant ouput circuit. Meaning that the light will provide as high an output as possible for as long as possible…as battery voltage drops
  • An effective beam range of 208 meters (682 ft) in high mode
  • Length, 4.25″ Head diameter of 1.18″
  • Weight: 93.4 grams without a battery
  • Made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • A military specification Type III hard anodized body
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8 standards
  • An ultra-clear tempered glass lens which resists scratches and impacts
  • Operating voltage: 2.8 to 6

Acceptable Batteries

One (1) 18650 rechargeable battery is recommended and preferred.

The other option is two (2) disposable CR123 lithium batteries.

Due to the operating voltage being limited to 6, the use of two (2) 3.7 volt rechargeable 16340 batteries, is neither recommended or supported by Sunwayman.

Enough Suspense…How Does it Work?

Two different sized silver looking buttons on the tail cap are used to perform all the G25C’s functions.

Tail cap switch buttons

Tail cap switch buttons

One is an on/off switch, and the other is for mode switching.

The larger button turns the light on and off. The smaller one is for changing modes.

Mode sequence is low – medium- high.

Strobe can be accessed either when the light is off, or in any lighting mode.

For “tactical” strobe, just press the MODE button. Strobe is activated as long as you’re pressing the button. For continuous strobe, press & hold (then release) the mode switch in ANY lighting mode. Constant strobe can also be reached by turning the light OFF while IN strobe mode. Then, strobe will BE the lighting mode the next time the on/off switch is pressed. To cancel strobe at that point, press the mode switch.

Memory mode will always remember the last mode used. Yes, even strobe!

Three Different Operating Modes

Whether or not this might be useful to you, Sunwayman has built three types of lighting modes into the G25C.

  • Tactical mode
  • Outdoor mode
  • Daily mode

Here’s how they work…and it requires the use of BOTH hands!

First, you need to PRESS & HOLD both tail buttons. Then at the SAME TIME, turn the tail cap back & forth as quickly as possible! While performing this challenging task, the light should blink. After 1 blink it should be in Tactical mode. After 2 blinks the light will be in Outdoor mode. After 3 blinks, it will be in Daily mode.

Tactical mode means: The light will always turn ON in HIGH mode. With the light on, press the MODE switch to choose from either high or strobe.

Outdoor mode means: The light will always turn ON in HIGH mode. With the light on, press the MODE switch to choose from either high or low.

Daily mode means: This is basically how I described the normal operation of the light above. So I would describe “daily mode” as normal mode. I mean this is how the light will operate when you first insert a battery and turn it on.

So, after performing this exercise, I returned the setting to the original mode. I can see where this might come in handy, and once you’ve set it…that’s where it is. I unscrewed the tail as if I was changing the battery, and the setting was still there after tightening it again. Since I can get to all the modes within a second or two anyway, the “regular” mode suits me just fine.

Sunwayman C25C flashlight

Rear view of G25C








Anyone for Beam Shots?

G25C on low mode mode

On low

G25C on medium mode

On medium

G25C on high mode

On high

Low mode @65ft for G25C

On low @65ft

G25C on medium at 65ft

On medium @65 ft

G25C on high at 65ft

On high @65ft

G25C on low at 15ft

On low @20ft

G25C on high mode at 20ft

On high @20ft

Into the trees on high

Into the trees on high
















In Conclusion/User Notes

I’ve seen a lot of flashlights, and I own a lot of flashlights! (no surprise huh?) With regards to that, I would grade the Sunwayman G25C as a very useful “B-“.

  • The pocket clip is sturdy, but doesn’t allow for deep pocket carry.
  • Even with the two switch buttons on the bottom, it tail-stands like a pro.
  • With no side-switch, there’s little chance of accidental activation when using the clip. You can always lock-out the light by slightly turning the cap anyway.
  • Completely noiseless operation. The buttons have no audible clicks, so you can be as “stealth-like” as you wish in any situation.
  • The light gets warm while running on high mode, but no more than any other similar sized flashlight.
  • There’s no automatic step-down on the G25C. I left it on high for over 5 minutes. It remained at its highest output, and its temperature never rose above “warm”.
  • Sunwayman will replace or repair the slight should anything happen to cause it not to work from normal use within the first 15 days of receipt.
  • Sunwayman will offer a FREE repair of the light should anything happen to cause it not to work from normal use within the first TWO years!

The complaint most heard about this light among hardcore flashlight owners, is the lack of an ultra-low (moonlight) mode, and the omittance of a secondary medium mode. I understand that completely, and I too would’ve liked a ultra-low mode as well. On the G25C, low mode as is, is too bright in non-eye adjusted pitch darkness. If I was planning to use it that way, I’d need a second light on hand with a true moonlight setting.

In normal use… for an indoor power outage for example, low will suffice just fine. For anything outside, you’ll find medium and high will do the job. The spread (in lumens) between medium and high seems a tad large, but again if you’re outside on a lake or in the woods, it’s a natural step-up.

At first glance, you might assume that the buttons are difficult to distinguish in the dark. Well, because the on/off switch is the larger of the two, in addition to being ever so-slightly raised… it’s not as tough as you might think.

On the grounds of ease of use, (aside from the two special modes) along with reliability, and durability, it’s without hesitation that I recommend Sunwayman’s G25C.

If you can see this light being part of your flashlight arsenal, you may click here to purchase from GearBest. For Amazon “Prime” members; click here!

I’m please to respond to any comments or questions you might have pertaining to this review!

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  1. The Sunwayman G25C sounds like an impressive flashlight. I’ll admit that I am not very knowledgeable about flashlights. When I worked as a security guard many years ago, we used the old Maglights. They were dependable, but not as bright or sophisticated as the LED lights of today. I really appreciate your detailed discussion of this light. It sounds impressive, especially because it can switch between different output levels. Your beam shots really demonstrate what this light is capable of, and the high beam is impressive. This would definitely be a cool flashlight to own.

  2. Hey Ben,

    This sounds like a pretty good flashlight. I just have a few questions, if you don’t mind.

    I was wondering would you recommend this as a flashlight to have and use for camping?

    Does it have the durability to stand the outdoors? Weather and being (possible) banged around from being packed and unpacked?

    I ask because we do a lot of camping in the mountains and right now all I have is just a small pocket LED flashlight . It does the trick.

    But we should probably get something that has a little more candle power, and it’s the strobe feature that caught my attention. That could be very handy in an emergency.

    And if this is not a good flashlight for camping, what would you recommend?


    • Thanks for the question Leo! The answer is a resounding “absolutely”! Any of the lights (including the G25C) that I review are all 100% camping approved! They’re ALL waterproof and submersible. They are impact resistant and can withstand drops and bumps without issue. The fun, is in the choosing 🙂 More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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