Astrolux EC01. Programmable USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Let me tell you about the Astrolux EC01.

Using the great Anduril Firmware, it can be customized to the users preferences. The most recent light I reviewed using the same system was the Lumintop FW3A. A little later in this review I’ll describe how to operate the EC01… although it’s identical to the Lumintop.

Plain & Simple Presentation

The standard Astrolux box is a minimalists dream. Accessory-wise, it’s just the basics. A very detailed user manual, a spacer for a 18650 battery, a lanyard and spare O-rings are all that accompanies the flashlight. The USB charging port is meant for a type C connector… which you’ll need to supply yourself.


XHP 50.2 LED

  • Weight (with battery); 6.63 ounces
  • Width (head); 1.4″
  • Length; 4.7″
  • LED; Cree XHP50.2
  • High transmittance glass lens
  • Max output; 3500 lumens
  • Max beam throw; 298 meters
  • Battery; either ONE 21700 (recommended) or ONE 18650
  • Body; Aero-grade aluminum w/Type-III anodizing
  • Waterproof to IPX-8


  • Internal USB charging
  • User-defined interface
  • Two selectable operating interfaces
  • Illuminated switch
  • Mode memory
  • Electronic side switch
  • Electronic lock-out

Astrolux EC01 Interfaces

With a 18650

As is standard with the firmware, their are two user-interfaces, smooth ramping and stepped ramping. The DEFAULT is smooth, but switching between the two is as simple as clicking the switch three times while the light is on.

Default Operation

So as I just mentioned, unless you change it, smooth ramping is the default.

One click turns on the light. To ramp up, press and hold the switch. If you P&H again within three seconds, it’ll ramp in the opposite direction. A single click turns it off.

To switch to the step mode, click (don’t knock like Tony Orlando would) THREE times while it’s on. It’ll give a short blink to confirm the change. By pressing and holding you’ll advance through seven step modes… lowest to highest. It works the same as in a “smooth” ramp, where if you P&H within three seconds, it’ll go in the opposite direction.

Other Useful Functions

  • Instant Turbo*; double-click, whether ON or OFF
  • Instant Moonlight; while OFF, press & hold for 1.5 seconds
  • Battery voltage check; blinks out the voltage of the battery. To engage, click THREE times from OFF.

* Turbo is meant to be used sparingly. After about a minute of constant output, it will begin a slow descent so as to diminish the possibility of excessive heat buildup. 

Changing Stuff Around

Astrolux EC01 with a 21700 battery

With a 21700

If these settings work well for you, then you needn’t do anything. BUT, if you enjoy a challenge and desire a customized light, then you may change it! It’s not hard… you just click FOUR times while it’s on. It goes into a “buzz” mode, which is a cue to press the switch for as many times as required, in order to set the desired action. As the instructions to do this is somewhat “wordy” I’ll just refer you to the manual.

FYI; the only settings you can change in the smooth ramp, is how low it goes, and how high it reaches. The default turbo setting is about 80%. In the stepping UI, you can set the NUMBER OF STEPS you want it to take, as well as selecting how low and how HIGH you want the extremes to be.

Special Modes

  • In Momentary mode, you can have the EC01 operate only as a single-mode light, which only works for as long as you’re holding the switch. You must select the output you want in the present mode, prior to engaging “momentary”. To engage; click FIVE times while OFF.
  • Muggle mode is for the very sensitive and thoughtful flashlight owner! “What the hell does that mean”? Well, it’s for when someone who knows nothing about flashlights……asks to borrow yours. And because YOU are such a thoughtful friend, and you don’t want them to get confused when using it…or worse yet, start a fire! ~ you engage Muggle mode! While in “muggle” it has very few functions…and tops out at 240 lumens!! To engage; click SIX times while OFF. (repeat to cancel)
  • Electronic Lockout ensures it won’t turn on in your pocket. Just so it’s not completely useless while locked, you can get momentary “moonlight” by just pressing the switch. To engage Lockout, click FOUR times while OFF. (repeat to cancel)

Flashing Modes

There are two sets of modes that offer unique settings.

Group 1; To engage, click three times from OFF

  • BattCheck; this is the voltage check as described above
  • Sunset/Nitey-Night Mode; lulls you to sleep! (automatic shut-off)
  • Beacon; uses the previous output-level … adjusting ahead is recommended (blink speed is configurable)
  • TempCheck; displays the current air temperature in Celsius (can be calibrated if needed)

Group 2; To engage, click TWICE, then HOLD on the THIRD click

  • Candle mode; simulates a flickering candle
  • Bike flasher;
  • Party strobe; motion-freezing strobe (adjustable)
  • Tactical strobe; (adjustable)
  • Lightning storm; simulates violent weather

“Switch” Back Light

This is where you can control the illumination of the switch. This is meant only when the light is OFF.

Basically you have three choices. The back light can either be high illumination, low illumination, blinking, or completely off. Each time you perform the seven clicks, it’ll toggle through each of them. Select the one you like best.

Internal USB Charging

Astrolux EC01 charging the battery


Charge complete







The Astrolux EC01 needs to charge via a USB-C connector. Once connected, the indicator will be red, then turn green when finished.

The Big Beam Shots


Astrolux EC01 on high


Astrolux EC01 on turbo





Astrolux EC01 on high



Astrolux EC01 on high mode


Astrolux EC01 on turbo



Astrolux EC01 on turbo mode


















Astrolux EC01, in General

There’s no denying, that it’s the firmware which makes the EC01, the flashlight that it is. This isn’t the only light using the Anduril, but when you have one that does, you have a product that goes beyond the norm. I love how the firmware allows the user to customize the light. I’m sure the majority of owners don’t regard “lightning storm” as an important feature… but it’s there as a conversation piece for your non-“flashaholic” friends!

The EC01 is comfortable to use, and the beam is quite pleasing. The size of the barrel makes pocket carry a bit of a challenge with jeans… but works okay for a larger pocket. It would’ve been nice if a holster were included. They actually have one, and you can get it here.

Having a 21700 battery as the intended power source is great for runtime. Provided of course the one you use is higher than 3500mAh. A 21700 is a nice compromise between a 18650 and a 26650. At least the EC01 can use a 18650 without issue. Because there’s a large spring at both the head and tail, you’ll find flat-top batteries work just as well as button-top types 🙂

Ready to Own?

I received the Astrolux EC01 from! Visiting them would be the best way to put one in your pocket 🙂 And while you’re there…enter coupon code BGEC01A at checkout to save a few extra bucks!


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  1. Good review, thanks. If I leave the light at 1,000 lumens, what is its runtime?

    • Thanks Marty!

      Runtime is always measured with continuous use, and Astrolux doesn’t provide those stats. It will of course depend on the type of battery you’re using. And unless you have a light box (or meter) to measure output, you won’t know with 100% certainty when it’s actually AT 1000 lumens! Using another light side by side would be an approximate way to tell I suppose. I imagine with a 21700 battery, about three hours of continuous use is a conservative estimate. It MIGHT be longer.

  2. Thank you! I have ordered the EC01 based on your review. Can you please recommend some batteries to me for the EC01? The batteries mentioned on the light’s product page on Banggood are no longer available. 

    I am looking at these. They have different voltages and amperages. Shouldn’t I get the highest voltage and highest amperage? I looked at the product manual and it doesn’t give any specifics about amps or volts. The manufacturer recommends unprotected cells. Are there any of these that would be unsuitable for my light?

    These are all from If you want to see the page, type in and then what’s below:

    /samsung-40t-21700-battery.html 3.7 volts, 4000

    /xtar-inr-21700-3750-battery.html 3.7 volts, 3750 mAh

    /jetbeam-hl51-21700-battery.html 3.6 volts, 5100 mAh

    /jetbeam-hl40-21700-battery.html 3.6 volts, 4000 mAh

    /samsung-50e-inr-21700-li-ion-battery.html 3.7 volts, 5000 mAh

    /samsung-30t-inr-21700-li-ion-battery.html 3.7 volts, 3000 mAh

    /xtar-molicel-21700-4200-battery.html 3.6 volts, 4200 mAh

    • Hi Marty! Thanks for the question, and I’m sorry it took me this long to respond.

      I have several different 21700 brands which I rotate between lights. I happen to like these Samsung 4000mAh cells, which are unprotected flat-tops.

      All those you mentioned are good. The volts don’t matter, since it’s all the same. The capacity is what determines how long it’ll last on a charge. 4000-5000 is a good range, and lasts quite a while with regular use. It might be a hard choice with all those possibilities, and any of them should work fine. ONE thing to keep in mind; “INR/IMR” (unprotected) is usually a better choice for this type of flashlight.

      Thanks and good luck!

  3. Hello, after playing with mode settings for some time I lost the mode memory feature of Astrolux EC01. Do you know how to gain it back ? Or how to do a factory reset ?

    • Hi there! So in using the light now, you’re saying that when turned off and then on, it does not keep the last setting? I’m not sure how you “lost” it. There is nothing in the manual that mentions whether memory can be disabled or not. I’ve seen other firmware, where it can be toggled on and off, but that might not have referred to Anduril. There was a firmware update awhile ago, which ADDED a “manual memory” feature. I do not believe MY light has the updated firmware, since I tried to access the feature and could not.

      The only instruction I read on it, was to click 5 times while the light is on. My light does nothing after 5 clicks. If yours does, then perhaps your firmware is more recent.

      I hate to suggest this — but you might need to do a reset if that’s the only way to restore it. Other than that, there lots of Anduril info on the web, so doing a search might yield some helpful results. Users have asked about Anduril memory on Reddit, so you might check that out too.

      Good luck, and I’m very sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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