Astrolux FT03 High Power Rechargeable Flashlight

The FT series from Astrolux has presented us with some very intense, heavy duty flashlights. Today’s light, the Astrolux FT03, comes out of the gate with as much raw power as the first two. So, let’s have a look 😉

FT03 and Accessories

Astrolux FT03 accessories

A big flashlight needs a big box, and that’s what you get here. Accessories are a little sparse, but include a clear battery adaptor tube, user manual, and a lanyard/o-ring package. It can run on 3 different battery types (see below) but none are included. It’s also USB rechargeable (Type C) but no cable is included.


Smooth reflector & SST40-W LED

  • Length; 6.07
  • Width; (barrel) 1.3″ (head) 2.7″zx
  • Weight; (without battery) 10.38 ounces
  • LED; Luminus SST-40-W
  • Max Output 2400 lumens
  • Beam distance; 875 meters (956 yards)
  • Impact resistant; 1.5 meters
  • Body; Aluminum alloy; TypeIII hard-anodized
  • Moisture resistance; IPX-7 (can immerse in 1 meter depth for 30 mins)

Astrolux FT03 Features

  • Two separate mode sets (user programmable)
  • USB rechargeable
  • Toughened glass lens w/AR coating
  • Smooth reflector
  • Mode memory
  • Instant access to highest and lowest output
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Power switch doubles as a “standby” indicator

Battery Acceptance

FT03 and a 26650 battery

The FT03 can run on three types of batteries. ONE 26650 is the intended power source. Other possibilities include either ONE 18650 (adapter tube included) or ONE 21700 (with an adapter “base/cup” sold separately).

Default Operation

Like most Astrolux flashlights, the FT03 has an extensive (optional) user-programmable interface. Ramping is the DEFAULT setting, which comes with several useful extras. These include instant access to the lowest and highest output, as well as electronic lock-out, a battery voltage checker, and a momentary mode where “turbo” is the only selection.

So to use it in its simplest form; click the switch for instant light. To ramp up, press and hold. To reverse direction, release the switch and press again. Once it’s going in one direction, you can keep going back and forth if you want. One quick click turns it off.

Here’s how the other options work;

  • Instant turbo; double-click (while on or off)
  • Instant low (moonlight); while off, press & hold the switch for 1 second

What’s handy about the “instant” modes, is that selecting either does not cause mode memory to erase (or forget) the setting you were using previously 🙂 

  • To check the battery; click three times. It’ll blink the volts from 1-4, and the tenths if it’s below 4 volts. Both the beam and the switch will flash simultaneously
  • Lock out; click four times. It’ll blink to confirm. To un-lock, click four again
  • Momentary turbo; click five times. To cancel, loosen and tighten the tail

Strobe is also part of the FT03, but is disabled by default. It CAN be enabled of course, as well as a choice of strobes.

The “Mode Set” UI

From switching to the Mode Set, you’ll have many different settings from which to choose, and the ability to “click” through the modes as you would any other non-ramping flashlight.

Advanced Operations

USB port


Charge complete







If the basic ramping operation suits your needs… that’s fine. But, if customizing your light makes you feel more in control, then the FT03 might be just what you need!

By following the sequence described in the manual, you can;

  • Activate strobe (within ramping) and choose whether you want a police, and bike mode strobe
  • Choose between seven levels of “moonlight”
  • Choose from twelve different “mode sets” (low, medium, high, etc) or accept the pre-programmed default
  • Decide how you’d prefer an automatic stepdown from internal heat to occur

USB Charging

Internal charging is pretty quick. The port on the Astrolux FT03 is for a USB-C cable. Once connected, as as long as the battery is below 4 volts, charging will begin and is indicated by the switch lit up in red. When complete, it turns green.

Check Out that Beam!



Astrolux FT03 on turbo mode

Turbo on a tree




Turbo again


Turbo down street

Down street (camera zoom)


















Summarizing the Astrolux FT03

The main objective of this flashlight, is to cast its beam as far as possible…AND to be ultra-tough at the same time. Taking those two attributes into consideration, it wins! Mind you it’s not the ONLY flashlight that throws well, but it certainly stands up to several others.

To say the FT03 is a full-featured light, is an understatement. Although for as customized as it can be, it can also be as simple as the user wants it to be! What can be simpler than pressing the button and watching the output go up and down to the exact level that you need. But again for someone who wants to mold it into a unique tool that only does a certain number of functions…the capability is there.

Whereas I like what the FT03 does, and is capable of doing, the usefulness of the intensely focused beam has its limitations. I would say, as a general flashlight, it fails… because that’s NOT what it’s made for. From MY point of view, it’s a “specialized” flashlight. It’s much better for outdoor use, than indoor. Now, in an emergency….or if you were stranded somewhere…it COULD be a lifesaver!

As for the Mode Set UI, it can be a bit daunting at first, and the manual makes it appear a bit more confusing than it is. Once you get the basic premise of how to use the switch, it’s a matter of trying to decide what you think will work best for you.

To make the Astrolux FT03 your own, follow this link to




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  1. Very good review!
    Do you know if there is a new version coming out…FT04?
    Also, I am considering an Astrolux FT03 SST-40 and would like to get a couple of high quality 26650 batteries. I have read reviews on that flashlight that have mentioned Shockli 5500mAh, 20A continuous/30A pulse discharge; and the Orbtronic 5500mAh, 15A constant discharge. Are these batteries safe to use in the flashlight I am considering? Other questions: 1) Should the battery be protected or unprotected? 2) What is a recommended mAh range? 3) What is a recommended range for continuous current discharge? Thank you!

    • Hi Kenneth, I’m glad you liked the review.

      There seem to be videos of an FT04, but doing a search on the Astrolux site did not yield any results.

      I don’t own any Shockli batteries, but I’ve seen them, and have reason to believe they;re as good as other trusting brands. Orbtronic are also good, so you can’t go wrong with those.

      Protected or unprotected opens up many choices, and both are recommended depending on the circumstance. You could refer to my post on the subject as well. Some flashlights recommend an unprotected cell, since it offers a high discharge, and can provide the light with the power it needs, in order to be as bright as possible. The caution with using unprotected cells, is to make sure it doesn’t discharge too far below 3 volts.

      The mAh range can be anything. Basically it’s usually at the limit, to what a (quality) manufacturer has available at the time. As long as they ARE good quality, you won’t see over-inflated, impossible to achieve, capacities!

      Thanks for commenting!

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