Best Olight ST25 Baton Flashlight Review

Olight is on fire! Not literally, but with regards to producing quality products, they are. The popular Baton series has another entry. So let’s take a look at the new Olight ST25 Baton LED flashlight and review its features.

Olight ST25 Baton

Olight ST25 Baton


Facts and Figures

The ST25 is a simple to operate, well rounded flashlight.

  • The CREE LED is an XM-L2 within a smooth reflector for good throw
  • 6″ long
  • Weight without batteries is 78g
  • †550 lumens in Turbo mode
  • Uses 2-AA batteries or 1-14500 lithium battery with a ‘spacer’ (not included)
  • Waterproof to 2 meters
  • Beam throw is estimated at 426 ft (or 130 meters)
  • A sturdy deep-pocket clip for easy everyday carry

Lumens and Runtime

  • Moonlight mode; 1 lumen for 200 hours of use
  • Low mode; 10 lumens for 60 hours
  • Medium mode; 100 lumens for 6.5 hours
  • High mode; 300 lumens for 1 hour
  • Turbo mode; *550 lumens for 30 minutes

* Olight says that 550 lumens can ONLY be obtained by using NiMH rechargeable cells.

Although the ST25 (at this writing) outperforms most AA flashlights, independent testing has calculated that the output on Turbo Mode is closer to 510 lumens. If left on Turbo, output begins a slow decline after 30 seconds. Then after 10 minutes, output on Turbo levels off at 390 lumens.

PHOTO (BEAM) GALLERY – Click on each image to view full-size

ST25 - moonlight @4'

ST25 – moonlight @4′

ST25 - low

ST25 – low

ST25 - medium

ST25 – medium

ST25 - high

ST25 – high

low outdoor at 17 ft

low outdoor – 17 ft

turbo outdoor at 17 ft

turbo outdoor – 17 ft


medium at 45 ft

medium at 45 ft


turbo at 45 ft

turbo at 45 ft

into tree - about 75 ft

into tree – about 75 ft









Simple to Use

As with the other Olight Baton family members, basic operation is achieved by pressing the blue side-mounted mode-switch.

From ‘off’ press and hold the button for moonlight mode.

From ‘off’ DOUBLE-CLICK the side button, and you’ll get instant Turbo mode!

From ‘off’ one quick press will initiate the lights’ memory function. This will put the ST25 into the last mode you used (except turbo and moonlight).

To access strobe mode, turn the light on with one quick press, then DOUBLE-CLICK.

While in any regular lighting mode, pushing and holding the blue switch will cycle through each mode individually.

To avoid accidental activation, you can “lock” the side-switch. Just press and hold the switch until ‘moonlight mode’ activates, then shuts off (about 3 seconds). It’s now locked. To UN-lock, press and hold for moonlight once again. The rear button will still turn the light on – but the blue switch will not. Press and hold again, to un-lock the switch.

And Now for Something Completely Different

What sets the ST25 aside from the other Baton members, is the addition of a tail cap switch. But this is no ordinary tail switch. It’s a “Stealth” tail cap switch! This means to engage the light using this switch is completely silent!! No more loud click sounds! This button has limitations though. It cannot operate the light tactically. It merely turns the light on and off. Once it’s on, you’ll still need to use the side-switch to change modes. As you can see from the photo, the switch is completely flat…which also allows the light to tail-stand quite nicely.


Olight ST25 Stealth Switch

Each of the switches work independently. In theory, you never need touch the tail cap switch if you don’t need to. The side-switch handles ALL the functions. In my view, the Stealth switch is more of a gimmicky ‘bell & whistle’ than anything else.

Battery Options

Two AA alkaline cells will be your standard option. As Olight claims; turbo mode is only available when using two NiMH rechargeable cells. Although, keep in mind that under normal conditions, the difference between high and turbo is almost negligible. In addition, you may also use ONE 14500 rechargeable lithium battery. BUT…you will need to buy a “dummy” (spacer) cell to use along with it! Here is the reason for this; two AA batteries equal 3 volts. The ST25 will not accept MORE than 4.2 volts to operate. A 14500 battery is 3.7 volts. Multiply 3.7 x 2 … and you have WAY MORE volts than the light can handle. If you tried to use two 3.7 volt cells in the light…………POOF!! ……… is what the result would be. No more light!

My personal opinion on using the 14500 option; don’t bother. It’s only a power boost of .7 volts. Chances are, you won’t notice any difference.

Final AnalysisDSC03459

I like the Olight ST25 Baton. At 6″ long and relatively thin in diameter, it offers good diversity in an LED flashlight. For camping, hunting and general use, its mode increments should be adequate for whatever amount of light is needed at the time. The use of alkaline batteries is definitely convenient for times when charging NiMH’s isn’t possible.

So was this review helpful? Is there anything else you’d like to know about the Olight ST25? I’ll happily respond to any questions or comments you might have.

Thinking about adding the ST25 to your personal collection? Click Here.


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  1. This is very helpful. Didn’t know that lights with this flexibility existed. Love the
    different levels of light you can use for different situations. Nice website, by the way

    • Thank you for visiting, and for the compliment. Yes, this technology has been around for awhile now. By using LED’s, the lights have become brighter and far more efficient than those that were made only a decade ago.

  2. Wow I didn’t know these flashlights were that powerful, I like the tail cap “brilliant feature”. Very informative article you have written here! This puts my baton flashlight to shame.

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