Convoy L6 XHP-70 LED Flashlight Review

The Convoy L6 is the BIGGEST flashlight Lightsngear has ever reviewed! It’s big on size and ENORMOUS on power! In fact, for people who often complain about losing flashlights… the L6 is ONE flashlight you will NEVER lose! It won’t even FIT in your kitchen junk drawer!

Big Box. Big Flashlight!

convoy l6

I suppose the size of the flashlight can make up for whatever else “isn’t” in the package… such as a user manual, or a spare o-ring. I apologize for the slightly blurred image of the tactical ring, (bottom right), but as you can see it was the ONLY extra piece of equipment in the box.

The head - disassembled

The head – disassembled

Convoy L6 Stats & Features

Runs on TWO 26650 3.7v rechargeable lithium batteries. Those are the only batteries the L6 will accept. Convoy recommends that only protected cells be used.

First off, there are different tint versions of the light available. From appearances, I believe I received the 6000-6500k N4 1C cool white edition.



Size-wise, it’s anything but small! The L6 is NOT your average ‘edc‘ flashlight! Unless of course you carry a bug-out bag with you everywhere.

Anyway as for length; it’s 10.4″ — width; 1.3″ (tube) 2.9″ (head)

Weight; (without 2 – 26650 batteries) 528g

The LED is a CREE XHP-70 N4, capable of producing over 4000 lumens! The reflector is coated orange peel.

It’s waterproof to IPX-8 (therefore submersible).

Tail-stand operation is also possible.

It has 5 operating modes including strobe. They’re listed in mA current and are as follows;

Rear tail cap switch

Rear tail cap switch

  • Low – 50
  • Medium – 200
  • High – 1700
  • Turbo – 5000

Without the correct method of measuring actual lumens, those “mA” readings equate quite nicely to output. Based on that, low and medium would be within those ranges. High, somewhere near to 1400 lumens and turbo within the range of 3500 lumens.

The lens is toughened ultra-clear glass with an anti-reflective coating.

Basic Operation 

Convoy L6 side switch

The side (mode) switch

So there are two buttons; the tail cap switch and the side switch. Push the TC switch to turn it on, then click the side switch to change modes. The TC switch also operates tactically. A “light” press will offer momentary light anytime. Strobe is activated by double-clicking the side button in any mode.

Modes change in order of low>medium>high>turbo.

That’s Quite A Beam!

So let’s get to the all-important beam-shots! As always you may click on each one for a full-size image. There’s also an image in this gallery of what happens when you remove the reflector and just use the LED in its “raw” form.

Convot L6 on low

On low

Convoy L6 on medium

On medium

Convoy L6 on high

On high

Convoy L6 on turbo

On turbo

On medium

On medium

On high

On high

On turbo

On turbo

Convoy L6 on turbo

On turbo

On medium

On medium

On turbo

On turbo

On turbo with NO reflector

On turbo with NO reflector


















Okay, the final image, is of the LED without the reflector. This produces an extremely wide beam with no center hotspot. This might be considered pleasing to someone who’s used to using flashlights with a focusing lens. Obviously the beam won’t “throw” as much but some people like it that way.

Thoughts and Observations

The Convoy L6 is one serious flashlight! In terms of power, it ranks right up there with others in the “granddaddy flashlight” category.

It’s odd that the packaging comes without a manual… but I also understand that Convoy is a quality, but less expensive brand.

Convoy L6 with 2 - 26650 lithium batteries

L6 with 2 – 26650 batteries

Convoy DOES recommend that only protected batteries should be used. In fact, they specifically recommend Keeppower 5200mAh cells. However, it’s been noted that battery length might be an issue. For them to fit properly they shouldn’t be longer than 70mm. It’s been noted that protected Keeppower cells made in 2015 are the correct size. Most of those on the market that I’ve seen are 71mm.

There’s no automatic stepdown on the L6. The output remains constant. Therefore it’ll start getting quite warm when running on turbo. Just be mindful of that.

I don’t have any runtime statistics for the light. If I was to make a guess… I would assume that you would get about 2 hours on turbo.

I’d like to thank GearBest for supplying the Convoy L6 for testing and review purposes. Please visit their website for a great price on the L6!

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on this post.


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  1. Thank you, looks like a great flashlight. In the YouTube video you’ve mentioned some discount code. Can you please clarify if there is one.

  2. Ordered the flashlight, seems like the best I can get for the $ today.

    Unless there is a protected version, KeepPower 5200 26650 is not protected:

    Which protected battery would you say I should get for it that would fit into it? I’ve heard Soshine from DX would work.. but what else?

    • Hi, Those 5200’s are very good! That’s what they were recommending, mainly because they’re below 70mm long. For the L6 I believe the IMR’s are better since they can handle a higher discharge current. I hadn’t seen these particular Keeppower’s when I was shopping for some, and got 2 Fenix 26650’s that were slightly lower in capacity. So my advice would be to stay with these two, and just watch for when they begin to lose voltage. Thanks!

  3. Thank you! Hopefully with this flashlight and these batteries I will be able to finally see that dark side of the moon. Always wanted to see alien structures.


  4. By your review in youtube and here I decided to order one from GearBest. Thank you very much of your bothering to do this!

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