FiTorch M30R USB Tactical Flashlight Review

This review marks the first time I’m trying out a FiTorch flashlight. This company may not have the brand recognition that Olight or Nitecore has… but if THIS light is any indication, I think that might change sooner than expected! So, without further ado, I’ll proceed with my detailed look, at the FiTorch M30R.

Accessories Galore!

In a relatively small box, is the M30R, and more accessories than I’ve seen in any recent flashlight package!

They include;

  • Belt holster
  • Lanyard
  • One 3400mAh protected (USB rechargeable) 18650 battery
  • A user manual
  • Micro USB charging cable w/key ring
  • USB charging adapter
  • Pocket clip
  • Spare o-ring
  • Spare switch cover


  • LED; Cree XHP-35 HD
  • Weight; (w/battery) 7.63 ounces
  • Length; 6.2″ Width (at head) 1.4″
  • Working voltage; 2.75 – 6.0
  • Maximum output; 1800 lumens
  • Beam distance; 328 meters
  • Impact resistant; 2 meters
  • Waterproof; IPX-8 (submersible)


FiTorch M30R lock-out tailcap

Lock-out tail-cap








  • FOUR power switches – three for tactical use
  • Mode memory to recall the last mode used
  • USB charging capability
  • Power bank charging capability
  • Smart temperature control system
  • Constant current circuit assures steady output
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Innovative tail-cap design w/lock-out function
  • Three emergency modes
  • Aerospace aluminum hard anodized body


FiTorch M30R tail-cap switches

Tail-cap switches







Modes and Output

First things first. My package came equipped with a FiTorch 3400mAh 18650 battery. Whereas this is the recommended power source (and the only way of using the internal charging) you can also use disposable CR123 batteries. According to the M30R manual, its working voltage is only good to 6 volts! This would restrict the use of other rechargeable battery types… such as 16340 and 18350. The accompanying battery includes a USB port, which makes two charging methods possible.. either outside, or inside the light!

Now for the modes;

  • Low; 20 lumens
  • Medium; 130 lumens
  • High; 460 lumens
  • Turbo; 1800 lumens
  • Strobe; 1800 lumens
  • SOS; 460 lumens

Operating the FiTorch M30R

Choosing the right switch to press is to first know what kind of output you wish to have! So let’s look at each one in turn.

The Side Switch

This is for basic operation. Press it once at normal pressure, and you’ll have constant light. Each subsequent press will advance the modes. The sequence goes low to turbo, and then reverses. A HOLDING press turns it off.

A DOUBLE click (from OFF) activates Strobe. A standard press from Strobe returns to the last mode used. A HOLDING press turns it off.

The Main Tail-Cap Switch

THIS is activating TURBO mode, either while already on, or from OFF. If pressed “lightly” from OFF, it’ll be “tactical” turbo!

The (Two) Secondary (Tail-Cap) Paddle Switches

These two switches (on either side of the main tail switch) are for activating “tactical” STROBE only! If pressed and released, it’s momentary. If held for about three seconds… it’s constant. They’ll work the same way if the light has been turned on by the side switch as well.  🙂

Beam Shots

FiTorch M30R on low

On low


FiTorch M30R on high




FiTorch M30R on turbo

On turbo

FiTorch M30R on turbo


Medium mode

FiTorch M30R on turbo mode

Turbo mode

FiTorch M30R on turbo

Turbo again

















Using the USB Charging Port

With a 18650 battery already installed, attach the micro end of the USB cable to the charging port. Once connected at the other end, a GREEN illuminating ring around the side switch, will blink. This will continue until charging is complete, at which time the ring will become SOLID GREEN.

The standard USB port

The USB (power bank) adaptor







Using As a Power Bank 

Connect the micro USB adapter plug (included in the package) to the charging port. Then connect whatever device, such as a cellphone, to the adapter. The connected device will begin charging. Even when using this feature, the flashlight can STILL be operated!! HOWEVER, you’ll only get LOW and MEDIUM mode.

Low Battery Indicator

As the battery weakens to 3.4 volts, the SIDE SWITCH indicator will blink (slowly) in RED. As the voltage continues to drop, the pace of the RED indicator will quicken.

Battery Voltage Indicator

From the OFF position, the voltage of the battery can be checked anytime. Just click the SIDE SWITCH three times. The indicator will blink up to FOUR times in GREEN — showing you the main voltage… followed immediately with the “hundreds” of a volt, by blinking in RED.

The “Lock-Out” Feature 

FiTorch M30R and 18650 battery

FiTorch M30R and battery

Most flashlights offer a means of “locking-out” the operation to keep accidental activation at a minimum. The way this is done on the FiTorch M30R, is quite unique. The twisting ring just above the cap with the “locks” and “arrow” painted on it, serves to prevent the paddle switches from operating, when the dial is set to the left or right. Keep it mind, it has NO EFFECT on either the side switch, or the large tail button. Your opinion of whether this is useful, is yours exclusively. I, quite frankly, thought it was odd that there are TWO “locking” positions. I suppose having them on either side of the UN-lock position makes the most sense.

When All is Said and Done

There’s quite a lot to like about the FiTorch M30R. With its accessories, it offers good flexibility, in regards to charging the battery, and (in a pinch) other devices, such as a cell phone. I also noticed that the charging circuit is quite robust! From checking the charging voltage, I found it surpassed 1A (1000mA) when charging the 18650 internally. Of course that will vary during the span of an entire charge cycle, but it’s the fastest I’ve seen to date, when using the USB method!  😀

The tactical tail-cap switches can also be useful… especially if the light is intended for someone who has self-defense needs.

Battery status info is another plus. Checking voltage anytime is as easy as pie, and displaying low voltage is another plus.

The lock-out system located on the tail-cap, is perhaps the most unique design element I’ve seen. Whether useful or not, is up to the user.

About the only gripe I have with the M30R, is its inability to tail-stand! I find a tail-standing flashlight to be very useful, and the ones that CAN’T stand on their own, often don’t get used as much. Your opinion on this may differ… but that’s mine.


The FiTorch M30R is a useful flashlight if your needs are for something very bright, with tactical capabilities. It was furnished for test and review by FiTorch, and is available for purchase at  To buy from their site, click here. And you might also try entering this coupon code “a03396“… for a killer discount! 



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