Folomov C2 Mini EDC Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Somewhere in the world, there’s probably a species of cockroach that’s larger than the Folomov C2 flashlight!

So without delay, let’s have a closer look at the C2, an incredibly small EDC light from Folomov. And in case you’re wondering, the only thing NOT small about it, is its beam of light!

Folomov C2 Folomov C2

Tiny Box, Tiny Light

Folomov C2 accessories

Box and contents

The C2 comes in small box which includes a manual, a standard USB charging cord, a couple of spare o-rings, and a special 520mAh rechargeable 14300 lithium battery.

Textured lens

Folomov C2 is very small

Not much bigger than a quarter!








  • Length; 1.8″
  • Weight; 0.85 oz
  • LED; Cree XT-E
  • Battery; 1 – 14300 rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Max Output; 525 lumens
  • Beam Distance; 77 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 2 meters
  • Waterproof; IPX-8


  • Mode Memory
  • 5 lighting modes plus 3 emergency (flashing) modes
  • Toughened glass lens
  • Convenient side switch operation
  • USB port on battery – with charging indicator
  • Electronic lock out

Modes, Output and Runtime

There are five regular lighting modes;

Folomov C2 and its included battery

C2 along side the included battery

  • Moonlight; 1 lumen for 270 hours
  • Low; 10 lumens for 30 hours
  • Medium; 50 lumens for 6 hours
  • High; 150 lumens for 2 hours
  • Turbo; 525 lumens for (approx.) 1 hour

In addition, there’s strobe, SOS, and beacon mode, which can be used for emergency signaling.

Folomov C2; Simple Operation

Basic operation of the C2 is simple. One click of the side switch will activate it, and a holding press will turn it off. Continual clicking once it’s on, will advance the modes from lowest to highest. Moonlight is hidden and not accessible from the basic sequence.


To activate, press and hold from OFF. Each click from moonlight will advance, starting at “low”.

Strobe, SOS, Beacon

To signal in an emergency, or blind an attacker, double-click from any mode. Strobe will come on. From there, either return to the previous mode by clicking once… turn it off… or double-click again for SOS, and again for beacon.

Battery Charging


Charge complete

Folomov includes a tiny 14300 battery which has a built-in USB port for easy charging. The battery has an indicator which is red when charging, and blue when finished. Capacity of the cell is pretty low, so it won’t take long to charge.

If you have an external charger which can accommodate extremely small batteries, then charging it that way is also an option. For example the slots on the MiBoxer C8 are small enough.

Lock It Out

You can lock out the light by clicking the switch three times when it’s off. It’ll blink three times to confirm, and each time the switch is pressed. Three clicks again will unlock it.

A Few Good Beam Pics

Folomov C2 on medium



Folomov C2 on turbo




Folomov C2 on moonlight


Folomov C2 on turbo

Turbo at 50 ft

Folomov C2 on turbo mode


Folomov C2 on turbo



















Folomov C2 Closing Remarks

You can use any word you like to describe the sheer convenience of this flashlight. “Cool”, “neato”, “cute”, come to mind, and even if you’re outside within 40 feet of a solid object, it’s plenty bright on turbo!

You might worry that’s too small, and hard to operate in the dark. Well, not really, because the switch is on the opposite side of the clip. This placement makes it pretty easy to locate the switch. The only deterrent I can imagine, is if the user has extremely large hands.

The beam is nicely diffused by the textured pattern of the lens.

Thermal regulation helps keep the C2 from overheating. Folomov claims it holds turbo for an hour. While I can’t verify that specifically, I ran turbo for fifteen to twenty minutes, and it only got warm to the touch.

Easy To Own

If the Folomov C2 looks like your kind of EDC light, click here to see its Prime page on Amazon. AND to GET IT A SPECIAL PRICE, use this PROMO CODE; 15IY35MK. 

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