Wuben C2 Power Bank LED Flashlight Review

Over the past few years Wuben has become a major player in the competitive flashlight world. Therefore today, I’m introducing the new Wuben C2.

At first glance, you get a sense of its style and ruggedness. Switching it on, displays its quality. What else do you get? Continue reading.

Wuben C2 Wuben C2

Quality in the Box

Wuben C2 accessories





























Unboxing the C2 reminded me of another great brand, Olight.

Inside the well-constructed box is another box. A small one. This contains the accessories, which consist of a USB-C charging cable, a lanyard, and 2 spare o-rings. Beneath that is a “pull-tab” that reveals a secondary “box” where the C2 itself securely rests. You’ll see a user manual tucked in there as well.

There’s a very large (and removeable) pocket clip already attached. Removing the rear cap reveals a Wuben 4800mAh rechargeable 21700 lithium battery.

Good stuff 😉


…..when charging

The switch……

  • Length; 5″
  • Width; (switch area) 1.2″
  • Weight; (w/battery) 6.35 oz
  • LED; Luminus SST40
  • Maximum Output; 2000 lumens
  • Beam Distance; 358 meters
  • Impact Resistant; 1 meter
  • Waterproof; IPX-68 (2 meters underwater)
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Body


  • Power Bank Charging
  • Internal USB Charging
  • Mode Memory
  • Battery Voltage Indicator
  • Breathing Indicator
  • Direct Access to Eco, Turbo, and Strobe Mode
  • Electronic Lockout

Modes, Output, and Runtime

The Wuben C2 has 5 regular lighting modes; eco, low, medium, high, turbo, plus strobe and SOS.

C2 & 21700 battery

Eco is a mere 5 lumens, which should run continuously for close to THREE HUNDRED hours.

Low is 130 lumens for about FIFTEEN hours.

Medium is a more generous 400 lumens for FIVE hours.

High, is when you begin seeing some serious output, with 1200 lumens for THREE minutes. It lowers to 600 where it remains for over 3 hours.

Turbo will hit you with 2000 lumens, but only for about 1 minute. It lowers to the 700 lumen range, and will hang on to that for about 3 hours.

Strobe will give you 1200 lumens, and SOS, 200.

Basic Wuben C2 Operation

A single click of the only button on the C2 will get you instant light.

Press and hold to advance through the modes from eco to high. Turbo is only available with a double-click while it’s ON. Double-clicking from turbo, activates strobe. Double-click from strobe, to SOS.

A double-click from OFF activates the strobe/SOS sequence. Single-click to turn it off.

As you can see, eco mode is part of the regular sequence. But eco is also reachable on demand, by pressing and holding from OFF. Once it’s been activated that way, the previously used mode is wiped out and eco becomes the last mode used.


Clicking the switch 4 times while it’s OFF, activates the lockout feature to prevent it from switching on accidentally. Clicking 4 times again, un-locks it.

Charging Options for the Wuben C2

USB-C on left

Power Bank Charging

The same as with any USB rechargeable light, you can charge the battery internally, or in an external charger. The manual states that a standard internal charge should take about 4 hours.

While charging, the switch lights up in RED. It’s BLUE when finished.

One thing of note, the supplied 21700 battery is a bit longer than average. I own many chargers, and it was too long to fit into the bays of the chargers I use the most. I finally realized it fits great in the XTAR VC8.

Power Bank

Another nice feature of the Wuben C2 is its ability to act as a power bank by charging other devices. In addition to the USB-C port, is a secondary USB input to connect your cell phone for example. Naturally it drains the battery in the light…but that’s the point of all power banks. I would consider it as a convenience in a situation where no other charging ports are available.

Battery Voltage Indicator

The Wuben C2 will alert you to the status of the battery each time it’s switched on.

The “W” will be illuminated with each activation. If it’s at 90% or better, you’ll see a solid blue for 5 seconds. Between 40% & 90% it’ll “flash” in blue. Less than 40, it’ll be RED/flashing RED.

Breathing Indicator

This is of no real significance, but if the light is turned off and set down somewhere — in the dark — and you want to keep tabs on it, you might find the “breathing light” helpful. To initiate the breathing, click it 3 times (from ON or OFF). In case you’re wondering, “breathing” consists of the BLUE illuminated “W” fading in and out every 5 seconds. Once activated, it’s ON constantly, whether the light is on or off.

Beam Pics



Wuben C2 on high



Wuben C2 on medium


Wuben C2 on turbo



Eco mode


Wuben C2 on high


Wuben C2 on turbo


Wuben C2 on turbo



















The Last Word

The Wuben C2 is a rugged, well-constructed, and bright flashlight. The beam is tightly focused, and if that works for YOU, then great! If you prefer a wider beam that’s mostly flood, then don’t buy the C2.

It does exactly as I expected it would, and is easy to operate. I actually like the switch. It simply has a good feel to it when clicked. If you like strobe and SOS, they’re there, and like with other lights of this type, easy to get to in a hurry if you need them.

The charging options are good, and having the power bank capability is an added convenience.

Output runtime is pretty good thanks to the 21700 battery. Except the automatic stepdown built into turbo and high limits things a bit.

Overall, it’s a reliable rugged, professional light.

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