Reviewing Lumintop EDC25 Rechargeable Flashlight

I own several Lumintop flashlights of varying size, style and output. I recently reviewed the SD26… a powerful compact light. This time around, I have the Lumintop EDC25! And as far as EDC lights go… it’s as pocket-able as the best of them.

Package and Accessories

Lumintop EDC25 package

The EDC25 package

So here’s what you see in the photo. The EDC25 flashlight, a belt holster, an instruction manual, a micro USB cable, a spare tail cap, 2 spare o-rings, and a bright orange adjustable lanyard.


The Cree XP-L (V5) LED

  • Length; 5.4″
  • Weight (w/battery); 4.59 oz
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 (submersible, 2 meters)
  • Impact resistant to 1.5 meters
  • Batteries*; (1) – 3.7v 18650, or (2) – CR123, or (2) 16340, or (2) 18350  *internal charging only operates when using (1) 18650.
  • LED; Cree XP-L (V5)


  • A hidden micro-USB charging port is revealed when the head is unscrewed
  • Features two programmable modes; Outdoor and Tactical
  • A digitally regulated voltage circuit maintains constant brightness through the usable life of the battery
  • Mode memory remembers the last mode used
  • The high strength aluminum alloy body resists scratches and is TypeIII hard anodized
  • The lens is tempered glass; double-sided and AR coated for resistance to shocks
Lumintop EDC25 USB charging port

Hidden USB port

Tail cap switch






Modes and Projected Runtime

  • Moonlight – 1 lumen for 340 hours
  • Low – 40 lumens for 37 hours
  • Medium – 188 lumens for 10 hours
  • High – 488 lumens for 3 hours
  • Turbo – 1000 lumens for *5 minutes (continuous)  *the EDC25 automatically shifts from Turbo to High after running for 5 minutes. 
  • Strobe – 1000 lumens

Operating the Lumintop EDC25

So, you have the tactical tail cap switch, and the side switch. Simple, right?

When the flashlight arrives at your door, it’s already set to “Outdoor Mode“.  In this

Lumintop EDC25 with an 18650 battery

With an 18650

setting, click the rear switch to turn it on. Then press the side switch to change the mode. The sequence is ‘moonlight to turbo’ then repeats until the tail switch is clicked again. Strobe can be activated from any mode by pressing and HOLDING (then releasing) the side switch for about two seconds.

In “Tactical Mode” the EDC25 offers only THREE lighting modes; Turbo, Strobe and Low. While in “tactical” the side switch is inoperable.

Once in Tactical Mode, fully clicking the tail switch will ONLY activate Turbo. If you want either of the other two modes, press the switch half-way for as many times as you wish until you see the mode you want — then give the switch a FULL click.

To change the setting from Outdoor to Tactical (and vise versa), turn the light ON, then press and HOLD the side switch for about 5 seconds. The light will blink three times (now release the switch) and if it’s changing to ‘Tactical’, it will stop on low. If it’s going to ‘Outdoor’ it’ll stop on moonlight. If ‘Tactical’ is the destination, you’ll need to shut it off, and turn it on again to access either strobe or turbo. If ‘Outdoor’ is the new setting, simply press the side switch to advance it.

Using the Internal Charging Feature 

To access the charging port, unscrew the head. Be careful not to allow a spouse, significant other, roommate, child or pet run away with it!!

Prior to charging

In charge

Lumintop EDC25 charge finished

Charge complete






Connect the micro-USB cable to the port, and the other end to a USB power source. Once connected, the entire top portion of the unscrewed tube will illuminate in GREEN. This does NOT mean it’s charging yet…because it SHOULD be RED. Click the tail cap switch. If the battery NEEDS charging, the area will change from green to red. Once the charge is complete, the green illumination will return.

The Beam Gallery

On low

Lumintop EDC25 on high

On high

Low @60 ft


Lumintop EDC25 on high

High @60 ft

Lumintop EDC25 on turbo


Lumintop EDC25 on a tree

Turbo on tree



Lumintop EDC25 on medium



Lumintop EDC25 on turbo

















The End Result

In my humble opinion, the Lumintop EDC25 is a very good EDC light!

Among other lights of this type, it’s of a “standard” size. The combination of the rear and side switch work predictably and each one does as it should.

The two settings (tactical and outdoor) are a nice addition. For someone who wants access to just the highest and lowest…er, second lowest modes, it’s ideal. Aside from the ‘tactical’ setting, Lumintop (unlike other lights) seems to shy away from allowing “instant” access to low and turbo. My recent review of their SD26 revealed the same omission. It too is a great flashlight, but the only way to get either mode on demand, is to utilize mode memory.

The charging system for the EDC25 is rather cool! When it’s in progress…there’s no mistaking what’s going on! Some may find it inconvenient to remove the head, but if you want to see if it’s red or green…that’s what you have to do. I briefly ran an inline test to see what current it was injecting, and I got just over 800mA, which is pretty good.

My Recommendation

I received the Lumintop EDC25 from GearBest. You can get one by visiting their site.

Or… if you prefer to shop Amazon, here’s their Lumintop product page.

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