Thrunite TS2, “Self-Rescue” LED Flashlight

Here’s a uniquely different type of flashlight. It’s the Thrunite TS2, which in all likelihood, can save you from a stressful situation.

Aside from that, you’ll probably also appreciate it if you’re into tent camping as well.

What does it do? Read on…

The TS2 Presentation

In the box along-side the Thrunite TS2, is a user manual, a THREE-WAY USB charging cable, a magnetic hook, and (already inside the tube) a 21700 (USB rechargeable) lithium-ion battery.


  • Length; 4″
  • Weight; 3.64 oz
  • 5000 mAh 21700 lithium battery


  • Magnetic Base
  • 3 way USB charging
  • 3 constant lighting modes, plus SOS
  • 4 power indicators on the battery
  • Power bank charging
LED portion of Thrunite TS2

Dome LED

The 3 USB’s

Thrunite TS2 with cover

LED/Battery & Tube

Thrunite TS2 head/power switch

Power Switch






Modes and Output 

  • Low; 5 lumens (180 hours)
  • Medium; 40 lumens (30 hours)
  • High; 118 lumens (11 hours)
  • SOS; 118 lumens (20 hours)

Dissecting The Thrunite TS2

low light

The TS2 is a flashlight made up of three sections.

Tube/body; Very different from other flashlights, the TS2 has NO body! It is basically a “topless” plastic tube with a strong magnet at its base. The piece is officially identified as a Silicone Battery Cover.

Battery; Thrunite’s own 21700 lithium-ion battery is the main component. The battery is equipped with a USB-C charging port and four charging indicators.

The LED Connector; There appear to be four LED’s within the domed “head”. The light produced is of a very warm color temperature, and is highly diffused. Lying beneath the dome is a USB-C charging plug.

Using the Thrunite TS2

With all the sections lined up, pick up the battery. Now take the dome-head in your other hand and position the LED plug to the port on the battery. By inserting the plug into the port, you’re sliding the dome over the top of the battery! Now, to make it complete, drop the battery assembly into the plastic cover. The magnetic base will grip the base of the battery. Hey, guess what? You just “assembled” a flashlight!!

Positioned just below the LED dome, is the power switch. It works like most switches on most flashlights. A single press turns the TS2 on, and off. A holding press sequences through the three modes. For SOS, a double-click is required…which is the same whether it’s on or off. A single click turns it off.

What might seem weird, is that the light is fully operable whether it’s in the tube or not. While you CAN use it this way, it might not be terribly safe…because the battery is exposed. Therefore using it when completely assembled is recommended.

There’s no mode memory. Each time it’s turned off, the next activation begins on low.

By magnetically affixing the included “hook” to the base of the cover, you can hang it on something. Preferably above your head.

Battery Charging

charging Thrunite TS2 battery

charged half-way

Thrunite TS2 battery charged

fully charged








It may seem counter-intuitive, but to charge the battery you need to disassemble everything. Connect your choice of a USB-C cable from the battery to a charging source, and away it goes. Four tiny (green) indicators on the positive end of the battery indicate the charging level. Each will flash until all four are lit constantly.

The Charging Cable

Three-way charging cable — Micro USB/USB-C/Lightning/USB-C to USB-A

One of the more unusual accessories in the Thrunite TS2 package, is the multi-end USB cable.

The cable includes three different USB connectors.

  • A standard (micro) plug
  • A USB-C plug
  • A lightning plug

On the USB source end, is ANOTHER USB-C plug, which connects to a standard USB-A plug. How you use this cable is totally up to you.

It’s also possible to use it as a power bank…to charge your cell phone for example. It’s actually a very useful tool!

A Few Beam Pics

on low

on medium

on high

Thrunite TS2 magnetic base

the magnetic base













The TS2; As A Whole

So here’s the deal.

It says on the TS2 box, that this is a “self rescue light”. That concept seems a bit odd to me. I’m assuming the reason for that is the inclusion of SOS. If that’s the case though, you could say the same for THOUSANDS of other lights that have SOS!

What sets it apart from all the rest, is the DOME LED, and the magnetic hook. Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but I’ve NEVER seen another light with those features. A magnetic base? Absolutely. A magnetic base with a HOOK? Absolutely not!

The LED dome reminds me of an arthritis or antiperspirant roll-on applicator! When it’s lit, it provides WIDELY diffused light. When on high, you certainly don’t want to be looking directly at it. Having said that, it’s only 118 lumens, but bright to the eye. You can stare directly at it in low mode all day long if you want. Its obvious purpose is to dangle high enough above your head, to softly illuminate a wide area. Without the hook, you can attach it magnetically to anything. For example, underneath the hood of your car.

The power switch is very small, although presses easily to activate. It’s almost TOO easy to inadvertently turn it on when connecting the dome to the battery.

Thrunite TS2 Pros and Cons

TS2 battery & dome LED

  • It works nicely as an overhead light, and is just bright enough for a small enclosed area (tent for instance)
  • NOT intended as a general (point in front of you) flashlight
  • 21700 battery provides hours of light
  • Does NOT include a pocket clip
  • Provided beam is “warm” (tint) and diffused


So…what do you think? Ready to dangle the Thrunite TS2 above your head? If so, Amazon Prime makes it easy-peazy.


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