Vizeri LED Flashlight – An Unbiased Review of the VZ230

Step right up folks… and prepare to take a close-up look at an internet sensation! It’s the Vizeri VZ230 LED flashlight, and THIS is the official Lightsngear, Vizeri LED flashlight review! Incidentally, the VZ230 been a hot seller on Amazon for some time now.

Vizeri LED flashlightVizeri VZ230






And in Case You’re Familiar…. It Looks Just Like….

A “Tank007, TK737” … and in fact, the Vizeri is an exact replica of the TK737. In fact, when looking down the tube, “Tank007” is written around the bezel spring! It’s also in the tail cap. Is this good or bad? I’m not sure. But let’s learn more about the Viseri anyway.

The Basics

  • Uses a CREE XR-E Q5 LED. This LED is several years old…(in technology)
  • The VZ230 emits 230 lumens on high. About 70 lumens on medium and 12 lumens on low.
  • Strobe and SOS mode are also included
  • Memorizes the last mode used
  • Features a ZOOM lens
  • Beam distance (when zoomed out) 300 meters
  • Length; 4.25″ (without extension) 4.75″ (with extension)
  • Width; 1.645″ (at thickest point)
  • Weight; 3.75 oz (without batteries)
  • Input voltage range; from 3 to 9 volts
  • Waterproof; to IPX-7 standards
  • Coating; aircraft grade aluminum (HAIII)


The VZ230's CREE XR-E Q5 LED

The VZ230’s CREE XR-E Q5 LED

So yes, as mentioned above, the VZ230 uses a CREE XR-E Q5.

If you click on the highlighted link in the “basics” paragraph above, it’ll take you to my LED comparison post. Basically the XR-E is an older LED, which was considered a technical marvel back around 2006. Much has changed with LED’s since then.

While many might argue that the XR-E is still useful today, it does not operate under the tougher conditions that the more recent LED’s do. The reason the Vizeri is only 230 lumens, is because the XR-E cannot supply more lumens than that. It would burn out if it did. It also does not operate as efficiently as many of the newer LED’s. The ONE thing that some of the older LED’s have going for them, is that their beams are famous for being narrower, thus giving them an edge on “throw” (distance).

The Batteries

With the included adapters, the Vizeri can accept a wide variety of battery types and options. Let’s run them down one by one.

Note: *the use of these batteries is only possible with the included tube extender

  • 3 — standard AAA (alkaline or regular) [w/incl. battery holder]
  • 3rechargeable NiMH [w/incl. battery holder]
  • 2 — disposable CR123 lithium*
  • 2 — rechargeable 16340 lithium*
  • 2rechargeable 18350 IMR-type*
  • 1 — rechargeable 18650 lithium*

The Package/Accessories

Vizeri VZ230 box

Vizeri VZ230 box

VZ230 accessories

VZ230 accessories







There’s actually an impressive amount of accessories.

  • 1 – holster
  • 1 – diffuser
  • 1 – AAA battery holder
  • 1 – packet, including:  lanyard, spare o-rings, spare tail cap switch
  • 1 – tube extender
  • instruction manual

“Turning On” the Vizeri!

click on the images below to view full file-size

Vizeri VZ230 beam

Zoomed in beam

Zoomed out beam

Zoomed out beam

Vizeri on low

Low beam – zoom in

medium mode - Vizeri VZ230

On medium – zoomed in

On high - Vizeri VZ230

High mode – zoomed in

Using the diffuser

Using the diffuser

full zoom out (on high) on distant tree

full zoom out (on high) on distant tree

full zoom in on high

full zoom in on high












The rear switch controls all VZ230 operations. Give it one FULL press and the light will illuminate. To cycle through the five lighting modes; high, medium, low, strobe and SOS, simply give the tail switch a ‘soft’ half press. Each additional press will cycle to the next mode. The memory feature will kick in after it’s been switched off…so long as it’s been on for more than five seconds.

As demonstrated in a few of the photos above, the Vizeri also has a ZOOM feature.

Vizeri VZ230 zoom ring control

The Vizeri’s zoom ring

To activate, simply turn the ring, and the head will extend about a quarter of an inch.

This narrows the beam down to a small area which represents the shape of the LED. The photo captioned “zoomed out beam” demonstrates this accurately. During the turning of the ring, you may stop at any time and use as is.


Here are a few more outdoor beam shots. Click on each to view full size.

on low at 15ft

on low at 15ft

on medium at 15 ft

on medium at 15 ft

on high at 15 ft

on high at 15 ft






Something You Need to Know

There are no issues when running the Vizeri LED flashlight in high-beam mode. But there IS something you should be aware of when using it in medium and low mode.

It’s a phenomenon referred to as “Pulse Width Modulation” (or PWM for short) and is something often seen in flashlights that are NOT current controlled. For a complete definition of the term, please visit the Wikipedia page on PWM.

In layman’s terms, here’s MY definition and how it affects the Vizeri.

PWM makes fast moving objects that you’re illuminating, appear as multiple images. In attempting to demonstrate this visually, I’ve attached two photos. The first one is of my hand moving up and down rapidly in front of the Vizeri, on low-beam. Please note that it looks as if I have twice as many fingers on my hand.

The affects of PWM

With PWM

No PWM present

No PWM present







The other photo was taken with a different flashlight (without PWM). In that one, my fingers appear thicker, but not multiplied. Some people with various types of vision, are actually bothered by the affects of PWM.

Again, it’s only noticeable on low and medium mode, and only noticeable when you’re shining the light on MOVING objects.

The Final Analysis

The Vizeri LED flashlight, known as the VZ230, is okay in my opinion. But… I DON’T like my flashlights to display PWM, so to me, that’s a definite thumbs down. The rest of the light, combined with the generous accessories bumps it up a hair. However I’m not a big fan of the rear switch, or that it seems to need to be pressed more than once (most of the time) for the mode to change. Thank goodness it has a memory!

Also, regarding which batteries you choose to use, I could see no discernible difference in  brightness between using 3 AAA’s (or NiMH’s) as opposed to a single 18650 rechargeable. This actually surprised me, because I was sure the lithium battery would drive the LED a bit harder. My recommendation is to always use rechargeable cells whenever possible.

One thing I should mention. The box clearly says, “Tactical Zoom Flashlight”. The VZ230 is no more tactical than a toothbrush. To be tactical, implies that “light” can be accessed from the OFF position. This is not so. So… it’s not tactical!

Overall grade; C-

Wanna pick up a VZ230 for yourself or a friend? If so, here’s the Amazon link!!

Questions?/Comments? Fire away in the space below!


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  1. “To be tactical, implies that “light” can be accessed from the OFF position. ”

    Could you please explain what exactly does it mean?

    P.S. Thanks for the review, at least somebody did it. I wish you did your review with VZ570 and both of them with outside test.

    • Thanks for asking Roman! A tactical flashlight is where the light can be used in short bursts by giving the tail cap switch a soft press. This alleviates the need to completely press the switch until the click is heard. I’m no military expert, but this is a feature that would be required by those who use them for professional applications.

      Tactical lights used to be more common place than they are today. Simply because of the recent shift toward the use of side switches. Even some of THESE lights include a tail switch as well…usually tactical, but some have ONLY a side switch, which doesn’t allow for tactical use.

  2. With the original batteries in place the battery holder has corroded badly. The flashlight no longer works with the contacts cleaned and fresh batteries. Not good!

  3. I loved this flashlight until it turned off on its own after being illuminated for 15-20 minutes. After a few minutes it would come back on but stayed lit for less time. Eventually it went out and would not come back on.
    I am using a LI- ion rechargeable battery. A freshly charged battery made no difference. I contacted the company and they sent me a replacement with no problems. This one lasted about 20 minutes and is now dead. A flashlight that randomly goes out in the dark is useless. In my opinion these flashlights are junk.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Dave. Flashlights such as this are a 50/50 shot. Some work okay, while some won’t work at all. It’s the nature of cheap flashlights, and it’s a risk that some are willing to take, either because they’re not well informed of better brands, or they feel (because of the price) that it’s worth a try.

  4. I bought one of these for each of my cars. The price was fine, two of the four stopped working almost immediately. Good luck finding reaching Vizeri Customer Service or Support.
    Frankly, these are the worst flashlights I’ve ever purchased. My review is based on a small sampling (4). 50% of these didn’t last s month. Be forewarned, magical quality and zero support..

    • Not at all surprised. I don’t think these stayed on the market long. Not even sure if there ever even WAS such a thing as “Vizeri customer service”.

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