On the Road X6 Long Range Flashlight

Whereas EDC flashlights are all the rage these days, (and with good reason) sometimes you might want a “big-boy” flashlight! If so…this might be the ticket! The On the Road X6 LED flashlight, is a serious illumination tool, and in this review, we’ll see just how serious it is.

On the Road X6



On the Road X6 box & accessories

On the Road X6 box & accessories

From the accompanying picture it’s hard to tell, but neither the X6 or the box it comes in, is small in stature.

Along with the flashlight are two extra o-rings, an instruction manual (in Chinese) and a belt carrier. Yes, it is a shame that the manual isn’t in English, but at least many of the numerical stats are, so you’ll get SOME note-worthy information without the need for a translator.

Speaking of Stats…

As I eluded to, the X6 is a hefty flashlight! It measures 9.25″ long, and weighs 22oz! Its width at the head is 2.4″. Tube width is 1.2″

On the Road X6

Into the head

Cree XM-L2 U2

Cree XM-L2 U2

On the Road X6 head

The top half






Noteworthy Features

  • Side power switch handles all functions
  • A power indicator beneath the switch indicates battery strength
  • Waterproof to IPX-8 (submersible to 2 meters)
  • Impact resistant to 2 meters
  • Beam distance is rated at 550 meters!
  • Flashlight body is T6061 aluminum alloy

LED, Batteries, and ModesĀ 

On the Road X6 and 2 batteries

With 26650 batteries

At the heart of the X6 is a Cree XM-L2 U2 LED. It’s also available in a different version featuring a Cree *XHP50 LED. It sits at the base of a large, deep smooth reflector, which focuses the beam for optimal throw.

The X6 is powered by (2) 26650 lithium rechargeable batteries.

For output, there are four constant lighting modes, and strobe.

  • Ultra-low; 5 lumens (625 hours)
  • Low; 170 lumens
  • Medium; 490 lumens
  • High; 1100 lumens (4 hrs 20 min)
  • *High mode; 2300 lumens

Simple OperationĀ 

Flat bottom for tailstanding

Flat bottom for tail-standing

Give the side switch a full click to switch on the light. To advance through the modes, give the switch a 3/4 press. Mode memory will always remember the last mode used, once turned off.

Strobe is activated by DOUBLE-clicking the switch in any mode. You can also get to strobe when the light if off — by TRIPLE-clicking.

Low Battery Warning

When the X6 is on, a blue indicator is constantly illuminated under the switch. This makes locating the button in the dark really easy!

As the batteries drain and reach a 10% capacity, the blue indicator turns RED. When the batteries reach a critical stage of discharge, the red indicator flashes. If you turn the light OFF at this point, and turn it back on attempting to run it on medium or high mode, chances are it will simply shut off as soon as you switch it on.

On the Road X6 Beam Shots

On the Road X6 high mode

On high

On the Road X6 on medium

On medium

On the Road X6 on low

On low

On the Road X6 on a tree

On a tree

On the Road X6 on ultra low

Ultra low





On the Road X6 on high












Just My Opinion

Having already reviewed the Convoy L6, I wasn’t sure if the On the Road X6 would be very similar. Well, it is and it isn’t. The L6 has the larger LED…and so does the X6 if that’s the version you prefer. As far as big flashlights go, the X6 is an excellent contender in terms of power and ease of use.

For general lighting in a flashlight of this size, I prefer the beam of the XHP50. If you NEED to “go the distance” and want a “throwing” flashlight, then you pass up on the X6. Among all the lights I own, this one has the highest throw to date.

Naturally it’s big and quite heavy. I suspect it would be handy to keep on a boat, or even in the car. For emergency use, strobe is okay…but the X6 doesn’t have SOS or “location beacon”.

The crenelated bezel can certainly be used for self defense, and breaking glass is a cinch for the X6!!

My “On the Road X6” was supplied for review by GearBest. Click here to take a look at all of their “On the Road” products.

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