Reviewing the Super Small Klarus Mi1C Flashlight

Miniaturization in the electronics world dates back to James Bond and further. LED flashlights obviously don’t go back that far, but in terms of tiny, just about anything can be made super-small these days. Take the new Klarus Mi1C, for example. This is the definition of small when it comes to an EDC flashlight! 


Klarus Mi1C Tiny From Every Angle

Klarus Mi1C Accessory Kit

The mere introduction of the little box, should clue you in as to just how compact the flashlight is. A small red “ribbon” acts as a pull-tab on the box. Pulling on it, is like opening a drawer and finding a surprise inside! In this case, it’s the Mi1C, tucked into a padded cutout. Underneath, lies a user manual and some spare o-rings. A pocket clip is factory attached. Open the tail-cap of the flashlight, and out pops a Klarus USB rechargeable 16340 battery! 


The Cree XP-L LED

Battery tip & Tailcap

  • “Super-small” hardly describes it; just 2.1″ long
  • Lightweight; only 1.51 oz, INCLUDING the battery!
  • The LED is a CREE XP-L HI V3
  • Battery; either 1 – Li-ion 16340 (included) or a disposable CR123
  • It’s waterproof to IPX-8
  • Beam distance is rated at 40 meters
  • Body; T6061 Aluminum alloy, with HA-III anodizing

Klarus Mi1C Features

  • Convex lens for an evenly-lit “floodlight” beam
  • Magnetic tail-cap affixes to metal surfaces
  • Mode memory remembers the last mode
  • Micro-USB charging on the included battery
  • Lock-out function prevents accidental activation
  • “ITS” (Intelligent Temperature System) monitors internal temp.
  • Battery capacity indicator function

Modes and Output Klarus Mi1C w/battery

There are four lighting levels and two emergency modes;

  • Moonlight – 1 lumen
  • Low – 10 lumens
  • Medium – 45 lumens
  • High – 600 lumens (305 w/CR123 battery)
  • Strobe – 600 lumens
  • SOS – 45 lumens

Details of the Operation

The battery is inserted with the positive end, down. Tighten the cap, and press the “big” side-switch. The default mode is ‘medium’, which it does at first, and after every battery change. Each press advances the modes from lowest to highest. A holding press turns it off. Mode memory remembers the last mode it was on, for the next activation. Instant ‘moonlight’ is available from OFF, anytime, by a holding press. 

Strobe is accessible from a double-click, whether the Mi1C is on or off. A second double-click, switches it to SOS. From either of the flashing modes, a single click, either turns it off, or returns it to the previous constant mode… if it’s already on. 

As small as the light is, it only becomes marginally warm when left on ‘high’. Actually ‘high’ mode only remains at 600 lumens for about 45 seconds, before doing a gradual slide, down to about 500 lumens. If the battery is down a bit in amperage, ‘high’ may POP down to ‘medium’ within 30 seconds. 

The BIG Wide Beam


Low mode


On high


On high

On low


High mode

High mode @60 ft















The Battery Capacity Indicator

Anytime the flashlight is off, the battery capacity can be checked. It’s only an estimate of course; but to check it, press the switch quickly THREE times. If the battery is anywhere from 70% – 100% full, the beam will flash three times. It’ll flash twice if it’s from 30 – 70%, and once, if it’s under 30%. Of course if it’s THAT low, you won’t get too much out of it anyway.

Lockout Mode

The Mi1C can be locked, so the button doesn’t trigger activation in your pocket. To set up lockout, press and hold the switch (from OFF) for about 5 seconds. It’ll flash a couple of times you let you know it’s locked. This is now what it does each time the button is pressed…even if it happens accidentally. To unlock it, and return to normal operation, press the button QUICKLY, three times. It should now work normally. 

Charging the 16340 Battery 

Easy-peasey! Just plug a micro-USB charging cable into the port on the battery. Red on the top of the battery means its charging. It turns blue when finished. 

16340 w/USB port


Completed charge






Closing Thoughts on the Klarus Mi1C 

This is a cute, cool, little flashlight. But is it perfect? No. 

It’s good in several ways, namely its size. It’s even a tad shorter than the super-mini Olight H1 Nova! The magnetic tail is handy, as well as the clip, and it’s easy to operate. 

But in my humble opinion, the problem is with the usefulness of the convex lens. I’m sure for some situations the wide beam will be helpful. But here’s where I think it fails. The beam is so wide, that using it outside at lower levels, isn’t very effective. It’s actually better suited for INDOOR use, rather than outdoor use. An example of this would be to use while taking a walk. The lower modes are not bright enough for that, therefore ‘high’ is probably required… using up the battery much quicker. Then, after it’s been on ‘high’ for a minute, it ramps down a bit, giving you less light. Then as the battery weakens a bit, you’ll lose access to high all together. 

For those reasons, it works better as an indoor flashlight. 

Also remember, there’s absolutely NO reason to not use the 16340 battery they supply. It provides the best performance overall. Now, if you’re using the light somewhere, where the battery can’t be charged, and you MUST use a CR123 instead… just remember you’ll only get HALF the output on high mode!  


Obviously if the Klarus Mi1C is the right light for you, then please visit my friends at GearBest, who supplied the flashlight for test and review. During holidays and other promotional events, I’m sure you’ll find it very competitively priced!! 


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  1. Finally found the perfect light for my needs. Every mode is perfect. I needed an exceptionally widespread beam for only a couple of minutes in leangth. Four of us walk from the house to a parked car in a dark area carrying music instruments, stands and music. All my things fit in a rolling suitcase, so I have a free hand to hold this light. The onther 3 people use both hands carrying things. We needed an exceptionally wide beam to manage several little flights of short stairs with lots of twists and turns before we get to the car. My other use is going to MetHD operas. The 45 lumens is perfect for finding our seats while the 1 lumen is dim and wide enough to read the program and opera libretto in the dark. We also use the SOS as a walking beacon so cars can see us. Our friends were killed because they were hard to see on the road in our area. I began using a flashlight and would repeatedly turn the light on and off to alerts drivers that we were on the street. There are very few walkers, so cars are not aware people are present. Most of the lights on the market only have a strobe feature, which is too distracting to drivers. This one little light has EVERYTHING we needed.

  2. Had mine since they first came out. it’s one of my favorite lights. I take it anytime I’m heading out at night. just clip it to a pocket. it’s so small it fits anywhere without being obtrusive. Unfortunately I’m now only getting only a few seconds on high mode before it drops to the next mode so I’m in the process of ordering a replacement battery to see if that is the problem. I think I’ll pick another one of these up as they are so useful.

    • Thanks for the comment David!

      Yes the low runtime COULD be the battery. Try charging it again and take special notice of the charged voltage. If for some reason it’s not taking a full charge, that could be the problem. But could verify the fact that it needs replacing.

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