Utorch UT02 Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Here’s a good reason for giving something a chance that might be a little unfamiliar. The Utorch UT02 is the perfect example of offering more than the name might imply.

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the Utorch UT01, a small, single AA (14500) flashlight that goes well beyond its size, in terms of performance. Meanwhile, the UT02 is more than quadruple the size of the UT01, but ITS performance is just plain amazing!

Ample Package

From the photo, you should be able to identify a very large box, a pretty big flashlight, and some fine accessories which include a micro USB charging cable, a spare o-ring, a user manual, an adjustable lanyard and a clear battery tube.


  • Length; 148mm (5.82″)
  • Head Diameter; 59mm (2.32″)
  • Body Width; 35mm (1.37″)
  • Weight; 381 grams (incl., a 26650 battery)

Utorch UT02 Features

The Cree XHP35 HI

Into the lens

Tail cap w/spring






  • LED; At the heart of UT02, is a Cree “XHP35 HI”. This, combined with the deep smooth reflector, gives the beam an extremely tight focus, thus allowing for tremendous throw. Add to that the width of the head, and you get a reasonable spill as well.
  • Beam Intensity; 124,000 cd (candlepower)
  • Beam Distance; 700 meters (765 yards)
  • Working Voltage; 2.8 to 4.35
  • Mode Memory
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Body Material; Aero-grade aluminum-alloy.
  • Body Finish; Type III hard anodized
  • Impact Resistant; to 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof; to IPX-7 (that means submersible to 3′ or 1 meter)

Modes and Output

UT02 and battery choices

First and foremost, the UT02 operates on just one battery. This can be either a 3.7v rechargeable 26650 (recommended) or a 3.7v 18650. The flashlight tube is designed for a 26650, so to accommodate a thinner 18650, there’s a plastic insert included.

One thing to note, the runtimes given are only applicable when using a 5200mAh 26650. With an 18650, I’d expect those figures to be knocked back by about a third.

  • Low; 15 lumens (100 hours)
  • Medium 1; 100 lumens (12 hours)
  • Medium 2; 300 lumens (5 hours)
  • High; 650 lumens (3 hours)
  • Turbo; 1300 lumens (1.25 hours)
  • Strobe
  • SOS

How to Operate the Utorch UT02

Like many quality flashlights, the UT02 has only one button… on the side.

One short press activates the light. Each continuing short press advances to the next mode. The sequence is from low to turbo. A HOLDING press turns it off.

For the flashing modes, double click, either from OFF, or from any other mode. Within the

The pinkish color of “Breathe-Flash” mode

flashing sequence, there are actually three modes; strobe, “breathe flash” and SOS. In breathe flash, a purplish-pink LED beneath the power switch slowly ramps on and off. If you’re asking, “what’s the point of that”, it’s for locating the light if you’re in a very dark setting and have placed it somewhere that you might have trouble remembering later. To activate it, you need to get to strobe, then single-click for “breathe flash”. A third click gets to SOS… and to turn off, press and hold.

Mode memory will always recall the last mode used. So once you’ve been using it for a bit, it will activate at that mode with a HOLDING PRESS of the switch, while the light is off.

For “instant” low mode… (from OFF) perform one short click. If that is the ONLY mode you use at that particular time, “memory” will still recall the previous mode (to low) the next time it’s used.

On turbo mode, there’s a slight step-down after about three minutes. Even then it’s still over 1000 lumens, so it’s not terribly dramatic. Should use require turbo mode a little longer, just click through the modes, or turn the light off and back on again.

As the battery voltage diminishes, the power switch LED will appear as a solid glow.

Beam Gallery

Low- close range

Utorch UT02 on low


Utorch UT02 on medium


Utorch UT02 on medium2 mode

On medium-2

On high

Utorch UT02 on turbo

Turbo mode

Utorch UT02 on turbo

On turbo

Medium 1 (60 ft)

Medium 2

Utorch UT02 on high @60 ft

High (60 ft)

Utorch UT02 turbo @60 ft


Distant tree

















Charging the Battery in Your UT02

Pull-back the USB dust-flap and insert the micro USB cable. Once charging has started, you’ll see the “red” indicator within the power switch. Charging time is dependent on several factors. What’s impressive about the internal charging, is that the light uses a VERY high current! Within the manual, it boasts 2A (2000mA). This is the highest internal current I’ve seen to date!

USB charge port


Charging complete






I tested it by charging the 5000mAh 26650 battery that’s in the photo above. It wasn’t drained very much, so the current it started with was 1.3A… still quite impressive. Like any other internal charging, the current drops as the battery nears capacity. As “fullness” approached, the current dropped to near .3A (300mA).

Perhaps a bit different than other rechargeable flashlights, when it’s finished the cycle, the LED indicator turns “blue” instead of the traditional green.

Let’s Talk Specifics

The Utorch UT02 isn’t exactly a pocket flashlight, but it’s a lot of power for any pocket you can fit it into!

For any scenario where you must need a flashlight to illuminate at a long distance, is where the UT02 would be of the most use.

Since the side button is the only means of power, I hope it has the resilience to last. On MY light, the power switch is a little squishy, and a firm deliberate press is needed for the electronics to respond.

The charging portion of the UT02 is the most powerful I’ve seen to date… regardless of flashlight size!

The fact you can use two different sizes of lithium batteries is convenient, not to mention the fact they can be charged inside the light.

My friends at GearBest supplied the Utorch UT02 for review. To make it part of your next exploration, please visit them today!




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  1. How do you and we know that the flashlight from gearbest, is the real branded one that you’ve reviewed? Gearbest is just another ‘china-site’ isn’t it?

    • I’m a bit puzzled by your question Theo. When you say “real branded one” I’m not sure what you mean. The UT02 is a slightly less expensive version of the Manker U21. If that doesn’t answer your question, can you expand on it a bit?

      • That answer my question. Since there are a lot of ‘same’ flashlights, using different names, I thought they also copied the brand name. But I understand they use their own brand name(UT02), for a copy of an original Manker U21).

        • Hi Theo! Yes in some circumstances, some lights have been “copied” by different makers. But sometimes, like with other electronics, the “big” guys will make their own products FOR the “little” guys to put THEIR name on. That may also be the case here too 🙂

  2. thank you, that’s very interesting info! didn’t know that.
    Another question (have asked this before, but don’t know where, so can’t find it anymore): Have you done any reviews on affordable diving lights from Gearbest or will you do this in the near future?

    • Interesting question! But, no I haven’t. I’ve not had any offered to me to review. I’m sure they’re out there, but I don’t often see any that are specifically marketed for that purpose. Perhaps they fall under more of a “specialized” category. And, since I’ve never gone underwater before…I’m not sure how useful my critique would be!

  3. i like this flashlight, I also had Utorch S1 which was really good too, i thnik both are discontinued…

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