Sofirn SP36. Programmable USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Working in conjunction with Budget Light Forum, the Sofirn SP36, is an incredibly bright, user-defined flashlight which features NarsilM, V1.2 firmware, which can be configured to the user’s personal preferences. How does that work you might ask? Read on! Flashlight and Accessories I didn’t include the box in the photo,…

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FiTorch MR15 Dual-Switch Rechargeable Flashlight

I’ve been pretty pleased with the recent variety of FiTorch products I’ve reviewed. Today’s flashlight has some unique features that I’ve not seen on previous lights. This is the FiTorch MR15. Useful Accessories The MR15 comes in a nicely arranged package. There’s a belt holster, spare o-ring, micro USB cable,…

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  • Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!

    Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!