Winter Hiking Tips

winter hiking tips

Winter is one of the best and least used seasons of the year to go hiking. It’s a shame, too, because not only is the beauty of your surroundings incredible, but the silence is profoundly moving at times.  People go to art galleries every day to find meaning in paintings,…

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The Backpacking Equipment Checklist

When planning a backpacking adventure, your first step is to compile an equipment checklist. As checklists are essential for a lot of different activities we do, a backpacking checklist should be prepared as meticulously as one prepares for anything that involves getting closer to nature. Knowing the duration of your…

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Cycling Tips and Accessory Advice

Cycling is big business these days! Even with fluctuations in the price of gas, the emphasis on health and being able to maneuver in heavy urban traffic are major advantages. So within these paragraphs, I’ll present several useful cycling tips, along with advice on cycling accessories.  Bicycle Basics If you…

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