Soonfire E07 USB Rechargeable Flashlight Review

I am about to review the Soonfire E07 LED flashlight. Flashlight “experts” (and I don’t use that term loosely) always advise NOT to buy flashlight and battery products which have the word “fire” as part of their name. UNLESS, it’s a “Surefire” product.  The reason, is because low-cost “budget” companies…

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Olight HS2 USB Rechargeable Headlamp Review

In the past year Olight has been busy churning out new products. Among those, have been new entries into the arena of headlamp lights. This review, examines their latest; the Olight HS2, an extremely compact headlamp which is (of course) also USB rechargeable.  Olight HS2 Packaging The somewhat familiar packaging presents…

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Jetbeam E10R Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Today’s flashlight review, is for the Jetbeam E10R. You can also call it the “Jet E10R” if “flashlight correctness” is your thing. It’s an extremely compact everyday-carry light, that’s also USB rechargeable. The Jetbeam E10R Package Along with the flashlight, the E10R package includes two o-rings, an adjustable lanyard, a…

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    Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!