Olight M2R PRO Warrior Tactical Flashlight Review

The warrior strikes again! Some time ago, I reviewed the M2R Warrior flashlight. As in standard Olight tradition, they like doing upgrades on previous good sellers. So in this review, I’m taking an unbiased look at the Olight M2R PRO Warrior, tactical flashlight. Impressive Accessories As with all Olight flashlights,…

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Sofirn SP36. Programmable USB Rechargeable Flashlight

Working in conjunction with Budget Light Forum, the Sofirn SP36, is an incredibly bright, user-defined flashlight which features NarsilM, V1.2 firmware, which can be configured to the user’s personal preferences. How does that work you might ask? Read on! Flashlight and Accessories I didn’t include the box in the photo,…

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Nitecore TUP Intelligent Pocket/Key Chain Flashlight

“Keep Innovating” is Nitecore’s slogan. That concept is represented well, with the Nitecore TUP, a pocket/key chain flashlight of amazing innovation!   Super Small Package Inside the TUP package, is the flashlight, a user manual, and a key-ring… that’s it. There’s a pocket clip attached and a self-contained (non-removable) lithium battery.…

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    Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!