Review; ClearStream 2 HDTV UHF Antenna

This is the Clearstream 2 HDTV antenna from Antennas Direct.


Its construction is fairly simple, and relatively unobtrusive. It’s not designed to be highly directional, which allows it the ability to receive stations whose transmitters aren’t all in one spot. Therefore, if there are stations you’d like to get which are within a good range, but their towers are a few miles apart, this antenna would be a good choice.

I wanted to try the ClearStream 2 based upon its reviews and overall reputation. I grew up using outdoor antennas and have always had a passion for them. Even when digital TV became standard I still yearned for an antenna hookup, since I knew there would be local “sub” channels that our cable company might not include. This have proven to be the case.

Here’s my scenario, and why I think the ClearStream 2 is a good choice for most situations.

First off, the majority of my area channels are within a 15 mile range. The advertised range of this antenna is 50 miles. Anyway, one of the obstacles I had to overcome, was to find an antenna that would pick up VHF stations. Many of those on the market today are tuned mainly for UHF. I have one “low-band” VHF station in town, and three “high-band” (7-13) VHF’s. Plus, they all have sub-channels. The ClearStream 2 picks ALL of them up with relative ease. This is noteworthy since this is NOT the VHF model. Their next model up, comes with a VHF “dipole”, designed for channels 2-13. This would be the Clearstream 2-V. But as I said, at my location, this model picks up all the VHF’s regardless. My guess, is that if you’re farther than (perhaps) 20 miles of most VHF signals, you may need the CS-2V. Pleasantly, I can also receive a few upper-tier UHF channels from another town about 15 miles in the opposite direction that the antenna is pointed!

To summarize, if you’d like to receive rooftop reception, or have an antenna to put IN your attic (or upstairs space) I would recommend the ClearStream 2. It’s quite unobtrusive and extremely easy to assemble. 

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  1. I have this! Admittedly I’m not a huge fan of how it looks (it turned out to be bigger than I expected) but the reception is excellent. I can get channels I didn’t even get at all with my old antenna.

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