Nitecore TUP Intelligent Pocket/Key Chain Flashlight

“Keep Innovating” is Nitecore’s slogan. That concept is represented well, with the Nitecore TUP, a pocket/key chain flashlight of amazing innovation!   Super Small Package Inside the TUP package, is the flashlight, a user manual, and a key-ring… that’s it. There’s a pocket clip attached and a self-contained (non-removable) lithium battery.…

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Astrolux C8 XP-L HI LED Flashlight Review

There’s been a worthwhile association in the past, between Astrolux and “BLF” (BudgetLightForum). This is where BLF members have input into flashlight  design and implementation. Today’s light is another such product. The Astrolux C8. Just the Bare Essentials Don’t expect much in the way of package frills with the C8.…

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  • Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!

    Want more BANG for your BUCK ? Click the buck!!